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This is a really lovely palette. I’m NW20 in Mac and this looks lovely on my skin tone, because I’m on the lighter side I have to use this with a little bit of caution. I understand how this can get muddy quickly and application is key. You need to use a good quality goat hair brush, synthetics will muddy this like crazy. My brush of choice is the Sonia G pro face brush, press lightly and apply and repeat until desired effect. The cream product I use my finger... one swipe for each cheek bone, pat and blend. The highlighter in the palette gives a gorgeous wet look. Beautiful palette.

Incredible brush

I freaking love this brush so much. Soft highly pigmented bronzers, not a problem with this brush.... think of the Natasha Tan bronze palette....much love but can be tricky for us fairer skin girls, not with this brush. I’m not going to go in to specifics as I can’t say anything different from other reviews, just know this brush is unique and something special.

Pure perfection

Oh this little brush is amazing. I never thought anything compared or could come close to my SURRATT cheek brush but this brush dare I say it, I like better. Soft, dense with, I think, the perfect length of bristles to pick up distribute and blend like a dream. It doesn’t skip a beat and follows the shape of the cheek bones, never a muddy streak with this one. Sonia G knocked it out the park with this brush and I highly recommend it. It makes applying blush effortless. My favourite.

Ok brushes

Hmmm, these brushes are....nice, nothing special, nothing I haven’t seen before. The goat hair is good quality and doesn’t scratch. They’re basically a set of different sized crease brushes. Now these aren’t going to pack and diffuse colour, they’re very airy and so I find I will only use them for “blowing out” my shadow. My honest opinion is that if you want a set of eye brushes that are exceptional and unique and do the job to a tea then the Sonia G brushes are amazing, far, far superior to these in every aspect, all her brushes are amazing. I would not recommend these.

Superb brush

This brush has got to be the best brush out there for placing product on the lid and putting it exactly where you want it to go. Many shimmer products I would have to use my little finger to get it right on the middle of the lid, but not any more. Want to place product on the outer corner, this is the brush, want to create a perfect line across the crease without the shadow skipping, again, this is the brush. I love all the brushes in the pro set but this to me is the stand out and I will be purchasing more singles. I take my hat off to Sonia g. Stellar job.

Breathtakingly brilliant brushes

Hard to describe just how brilliant these brushes are, the weight, the softness, the aesthetics, the performance. I take my hat off to Sonia g because these brushes are perfection...genius, every single one of them, they do exactly what she said they would. I love these brushes.

Amazing brush

This brush is just brilliant, I have the worker two which I love but this is smaller and fits my lid like a glove. Fantastic at picking up and depositing colour where you want it. If your a Sonia G fan like myself then this brush is a must have. I don’t know how she does it but her brushes just keep on getting better.

Remarkable brush

This brush is a gem. I use it to buff my hourglass finishing powder. It provides a seamless airbrushed finish. Love it.

It’s a stunner

Wow, totally blown away by this palette. The colours are gorgeous, the formula is amazing and the packaging is to die for. This is in my opinion the best eyeshadow palette ever released from Kevyn Aucoin. This is so far my best beauty buy of the year.... well, that and my SURRATT face and eye brushes. I’m bored now with griege and orange and browns, this cool toned palette is what’s been missing. I must also give kudos to beautylish. This palette was delivered to me in the U.K in three days. I placed an order the same time for another Tom Ford 13 brush from House of Fraser U.K, as he is now replacing his goat hair brushes to synthetic and I am still waiting for a dispatch...not good. So thank you beautylish and thank you Kevyn Aucoin cosmetics.

Amazing brush

Wow, wow, wow. Totally blown away with this brush. Lush, plush and the best foundation brush I have ever used to date. The hair is so soft, densely packed with the perfect length to buff foundation into the skin. It gives an even and immaculate application. I am so happy I took the plunge purchasing this as I was so unhappy with jishaku liquid foundation brush and I believe I may just purchase another it is “that good”. I really need to pay homage to beautylish too. Delivered within 3 days to the U.K. thank you Rae for such an amazing brush and thank you beautylish for amazing customer services.

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