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Let me start by saying this is what I imagine the SUQQU cheek brush must be like. I have never actually touched one but I always want one when I see Lisa Eldridge use it in her videos. At 35 dollars I could not be happier with the quality of this brush. I own many of Wayne's brushes and I did not hesitate to get this one when Wayne released it the first time. I am so enthusiastic about this brush that I just bought one for my friend who loves cosmetics as much as me for a Christmas present when it released a second time. This brush is so luxurious, so versatile, and such high quality for such a reasonable price. I really hope wayne considers making this permanent.

I haven't reached for anything else

I LOVE this highlighter. I have never been a fan of the becca highlighters...just too much shimmer. I saw all the amazing reviews on this and I knew I had to try. When I first got it in, I had a fake tan, and I didn't like it as much against my tan=> I much preferred my Charlotte Tilbury highlighter. But once the tan faded, I was totally sold. I have since purchased the face glow foundation in shades 10 and 20 and combined with this it is just heaven. Doesn't accentuate the fine lines around the edges of my eyes. Doesn't make me look like a disco ball. I just have a healthy glow. I will not buy another highlighter as long as this is around.

I usually never wear matte lipsticks

I am NOT a matte lipstick girl. I usually feel my lips are too dry and they just don't look as nice as a glossier finish on me. However my lips are behaving this year (thanks to the Nuxe Riev De Mel lip balm) and I loved the reviews on this product, and fell in love with the shade amazing grace. I wore it for the first time yesterday with the crazy in love lip pencil. IN LOVE. It is just so girl and classy, like all her products. I paired it with the las salinas beach stick and the norma jean eyeshadow cream. So pretty. And it STAYED. At once point in the day I decided I wanted a touch of gloss and applied just the tiniest amount of naked flushed lip gloss by UD over the center and this did not break it down in the slightest. I highly recommend this.

This was so much fun

I will definitely do this again next year. Great value. These are the items I got and what I thought

-Becca mattifying primer: I am a little too dry for this right now and I was lusting over the backlight primer others received. However, I may can use this in the summer. If not, I bet I can find a friend who loves it! Great value -Jeffree Star Unicorn Blood liquid lipstick: So not my style but I was able to gift this to a friend who loves it and it looks amazing on her! So that made me happy -Natasha Denona eyeshadow palette: I almost peed myself when I got this. Made the whole thing worth it! -iT Cosmetics pressed finishing powder: I have been using this and I like it alot. Not as good as my CT powder but definitely pleased with this and have had no issues -Bioderma make up remover: I already own this and knew it was awesome. Nice to have a travel size! -RMS beauty eye polish: This is soon beautiful. Unfortunately it creases so bad. Its a shame since the initial application is to die for -Kevyn Aucoin the creamy glow cream blush in Tresbelle: I never would have purchased this for myself. That being said, I am so glad they put this in my box because I am obsessed!!!!! My first experience with cream blush and I use this often. Perfect for dry winter skin. Really makes me look fresh and alive. Looks great on my lips too! Another win for me.

This was overall a great palette and I ended up with some awesome products. Will definitely do again next year.

You have to know how to use it

I have to admit that I didn't use this brush too much when I first purchased. Another reviewer here states it is not good for foundation because it wastes product. I have to disagree. If you use this product correctly you actually get away with less foundation. Wayne goss has a video where he reviews the makeup forever hd ultra foundation and when you use the technique he uses in that video it works like a dream for lifeless application. I have replaced my beauty blender with this. I just had to know how to use it!

so beautiful

I got this blush along with some other goodies from the ingenue collection because I loved that fresh faced look and coral hues. I wore it today for the first time. The application is a dream. It is so bendable and buildable. Some other reviewers state it had no lasting power but I have to disagree. As I am writing this review I have had this blush on at least 9 hours and it is still very much there. I will probably be picking up a few more shades. My only regret now is that it is almost fall so I won't be able to wear this as much since it is really more of a spring/summer shade.

Pretty much perfection

LOVE! Beautiful shade. Amazing staying power without being drying (this is coming from somebody who will not wear mattes Bc I can't stand that feeling). So satisfied with this purchase.

Absolutely beautiful

I have fair to med skin and sometimes use sunless tanner and this is perfect for me. I do have the Kevyn Aucoin that I use just for sculpting but I love love love the duality of this. Is great for sculpting and creating a subtle warmth that is not orange at all. Hooray!! Not to mention the gorgeous packaging. I also have the nars sculpting duo in Olympia and this definitely wins out. Yes it's pricey but is so fine killed and pigmented I have a feeling this will last a very long time. Treat yourself!

Takes eyeshadow application to the next level.

I bought this after watching Tarababyz use it when she was doing a demo and review of the MAC wash n dry collection. I thought it made the application of eyeshadow in the outer v and crease look so easy... and it does!! It can even blend out most everything, although I do usually follow with a WG 4 or 19 for final blending. But I seriously reach for this every day. Picks up shadow so easily, and feels so luxurious on the eye. Would recommend to anybody.

love for powder foundation!

I use this for my IT cosmetics celebration foundation... I actually prefer this to the heavenly luxe brush I bought to go with it. Wish I would have saved my money and just gotten this! also great for bending out my look at the end to make everything look seamless! Yes, it does smell faintly of goat, as do slot of the WG brushes, but I actually kind of like it. I grew up with farm animals so I guess it just makes me reminisce haha.

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