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Beauty Product Reviews

An essential

I find myself using this brush a lot as a very precise and strong blender, with no poking sensation or discomfort around the delicate eyelasherea. I reach more for this brush ower the Sonia G Pensil One brush, because I prefer the SG Smudger One brush combined with this.

I agree with the other reviewers; each of Sonia G's brushes is as good AS the next one. It is really down to your personal prefrence in shape and function.

I also like this brush for smoking out edges along the lashline, smokeing out the lower lashline and blending my innercorner highlight. I find that this works well with picking up both matte and satin, shimmer and metallic eyeshadows. It you are looking for the same result (with shimmers and metallics), as putting them on with your finger, I highly recommend the SG Builder One brush.

Stunning to look at, but...

I gave this brush four out of five stars because I'm a little bit disapointed! I wish someone would have pointed out how dense and directional this brush is, before I bought it.

This brush is super soft and not scratchy at all on the skin, but because the brush head is relativley small, I thoght the brush would have a bit more give to it. And that it would spread out more to cover a little bit bigger surface area on the skin. The actual shape of the brush head covers a small surface area, so to get the other bristles to blend, you need to push down more than what I like with these bristles.

I alredy own the CHIKUHODO Z-2 and Z-4 brush, so my expectations was set on a floppier brush. To better explain ny likings, the Sonia G Face Two brush performs exactly the way I had hoped this brush would do.

Another small complaint is the weight of the brush. I wish it would have been a little bit more weighty, and sturdy feeling.

Over all, this is a good brush, but maybe not for the price. And you would have to like very dense, directional placements of product. It's beautyful to look at, and it will stay in my collection.

The brushes for size comparisons is 109, Sonia G Face Twoand Wayne Goss 13.

This big and dense blending brush is my new favourite. It picks up the pigments with ease, and is a strong and efficient blender, without a single poke, ever! It is super soft, and just slightly bigger that the Mac 217 and the Wayne Goss 06 and new 18 brush. Even though the Worker One brush is bigger and more dense that the WG 18, the Worker One brush feels softer.

In the photo for size refrences is the CHIKUHIDO GSN-9, Mac 217, CHIKUHIDO T-7, Wayne Goss 06 and 18 and the Sonia G Worker One.


This brush performs the way I had hoped the CHIKUHODO Makie Series MK-12 Cheek would perform for me. The CHIKUHIDO Cheek brush is too dense and directional for my liking. While the the Face Two brush is much more airy feeling on the skin, and have enough give to spread out more. But it still has enough stucture and strenght to be efficient, while still feeling silky soft on the skin. I much prefer this brush!

I added the Mac 209 brush In the photo for size comparisons.