Beauty Product Reviews

It really works!!

My hair has been through the wringer lately and I was in desperate need of a moisture treatment or mask. So after reading all of the positive reviews here I decided to try it in place of the other, much more expensive products. Honestly, I didn't think it would work that well but after only two uses there is a huge difference in my hair. It's significantly more shiny, smooth, and in general healthier! This will be something I will buy again and will use for as long as Aussie makes it! Love this product!

Not a fan

I understand trying to be practical about how much you spend on makeup but this product just wasn't worth it. E.L.F usually makes great products but this was just sad. Once on it never really dried and ran almost immediately, but I was willing to go the whole day and just give it a fair try. It never got any better, my suggestion is spend the 3 or 4 dollars more and getting an eyeliner that will last AND look good.

When I heard it was foaming hair dye I had some serious reservations but the color change would only be two shades darker so I gave it a twirl. After blow-drying my hair I was pleasantly surprised, it had colored my hair evenly and far better then any other product I had tried before. It has been about 4 months now and haven't had as much as a problem with any damage it might have caused to my hair. I will most definitely being buying this again.