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This color is absolute perfection. It's the perfect rose shade with a hint of plum. I love to use this color to slightly over draw my lips.. .it makes the lips look full and juicy. I think everyone needs this shade.


This is my favorite lipstick from Inglot. The color is a super flattering warm rose with a touch of brown. It's perfect for that 90s look that is all the rage. If you think Lolita by KVD is too dark and brown get this color it's much rosier and easier to wear. It's very matte but it somehow makes my lips look plump and full. It was sold out for the longest time but when I managed to get it I immediately knew why........this color is just so flattering.


I got this brush on a whim because I was intrigued by its unique shape. It's quickly become one of my favorite brushes ever. I use it to apply a light shade to my inner corner and because of its tapered shape it applies shadow to that area perfectly. I also take the pointed tip of the brush and apply the light shadow to the inner 1/3 of my eye. It's so soft as well and it applies the perfect amount of shadow. I cherish this brush so much!!!!

This powder is to die for

This is truly the best pressed powder I've ever used. I use it with the "buffing technique" and it blurs any harsh lines on my face without looking powdery or cakey. It gives an elegant polished glow to my skin and makes it look more flawless. I read that it slightly oxidizes so I got a lighter shade and never had that problem.


This blush my new fave!!! It literally goes with any makeup look . The color is a gorgeous mauve that brings a subtle glow to my cheeks.


I have to have this when I do my brows. It provides superior hold on my brows, but the best part is the color. It's a gorgeous bronzy brown that slightly lightens my brows to better match my hair. The only con is I wish the wand was smaller but even then it's not a deal breaker.

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This is my favorite liner of all time. The color is the deepest black. It wears a long time but comes off easily with Bioderma. LOVE.

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great subtle contour

Not sure why this shade isn't getting any love!!! It's a great cool toned beige that is excellent for contouring. I love this on my cheeks and its a perfect nose contour. Sometimes i deepen my outer cheekbones with a little bit of 505(perfect taupe) but this shade is perfect for light skintones.

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