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Best lay down brush!!!!!

This brush is the KING or QUEEN of lay down brushes!!! I dare say it’s better than a MAC 239!! It just deposits color on my lids effortlessly and can truly make any eyeshadow look amazing. I’m so happy I picked this brush up on a whim. I honestly am going to pick up a few more. Believe me this is a GEM

Excellent, truly a must have

I love, love, love this brush!!!!! It’s the tiniest most precise pencil brush!!!! It’s white goat hair makes it versatile enough to be used with both cream and powder products. You can use it with a tiny bit of concealer and really perfect your makeup. This is also excellent for smudging shadow under the eyes and it’s excellent for small eyes!! One of my favorite ways to use this is with a tiny bit of highlighter and put a small dot on the top of my nose. What this does is visually lift my tip slightly and makes the tip look a little bit pointier and not so bulbous. Because the head of the brush is so small it deposits the color so precisely that it’s hard to detect but the difference it makes to my nose is remarkable

Fills a gap in my collection

When I read the description about how this brush is good for creating a cut crease look I was intrigued. I love doing some sort of crease cut on my hooded eyes and this brush is excellent for creating the initial line. The bristles are white goat hair are firm enough to create a line yet soft enough to not be rough or irritate my delicate eye skin. I will draw the color in the crease with this brush then go back and diffuse with another blending brush. If you like doing cut crease looks definitely check this one out!!!

New Fave!!!!

My previous favorite was the ABH Clear browgel but this has taken it’s crown!! The gel holds my unruly brow hairs in place all day long. The beauty lies in the brush. It has a side with longer bristles and a side with shorter bristles. I like to sweep with the longer side first then go back and fine tune/ push the brow hairs in the direction I want them to go in. There is no weird crunchy texture nor is there weird dandruff looking flakes.

The most STUNNING blush palette

I have been wanting this palette since it came out. It is everything I thought it would be and more. The cream blush and the powder blush both give such a gorgeous healthy pink flush to the skin. Layering the cream blush does help the powder blush last longer. The highlighters are to die for especially when layered over the cream base. I like to layer all the textures and yep there is no visible thick texture on my face. They layer splendidly and look so beautiful. This is my all time favorite blush and highlight combo.

Perfect under the eyes

I’ve been using this under my eyes after I apply a setting powder. It’s so finely milled that it sits great under my eyes despite already previously powdering. It does not add any texture to that delicate area but it just brightens and makes me look glowing without any shimmer. I’m a bit fair during this time of the year so the white tone does not look stark. I can never see the white powder under my eyes just a bright healthy look

Favorite Blush Shade

There is something special about this color that just makes my face look more alive. It’s a flattering bright pink that is more on the warm side I would say. It’s completely matte with no shimmer which is fine by me because I rather add my shimmer strategically. Love the formula it lasts all day on my cheeks and the color is so brightening and youthful.

More than 5 stars!!!!!!!

I. LOVE. THIS!!!! Viseart makes my favorite shadows and this does not disappoint. Yes it’s pricey but this is sheer PERFECTION. I love every shade in here. No I honestly do. It was so well thought out with base, transition, crease and outer corner colors. Each row is complimentary and will guarantee a fabulous look. I can do all my favorite looks. I’m not much of a bright crazy color fan and when I want a fun look I’ll turn to purples which this palette has. It also has mauve shades!!!!! Peachier browns as well as a more neutral sandy row. The last row includes a white (my favorite for brightening the inner corner) and a black....that cobalt blue....listen if you have brown need that me....and the cherry on top? You can REMOVE THEM!!! Yes you can take a few of your favorite ones and travel with them!!!! The quality of these shades, the thought that went into picking these shades...I thought I couldn’t love Viseart more you love me get this!!!


This has definitely made it to my rotation of favorite concealers. The coverage is amazingly good. My under eye circles are completely erased with this and it never creases or looks dry. The light pink color is so brightening and really makes me look awake. I will continue to buy this as long as they continue making it 💕

Good but not amazing

This is a good powder but for such a high price it should perform’s not as finely milled as some other powders....It’s a good pink color that works for the under eye but then so do other pink powders that are much cheaper. I like it but I won’t repurchase

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