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So soft!

This is not a shape I have a lot of in my brush collection. In fact, I only have one other angled eye blending Brush. And this one is most definitely superior! The softness was unexpected, even though I did notice that it was squirrel hair when I ordered it, it still took me by surprise. It picks up a very good amount of color, and it blends very well. Really helps me build a look effortlessly with my hooded lids. I love it, and I think if you’re like me and either specifically wanting this shape, or just looking to try different shapes, you will enjoy this brush. Perfect density and softness!

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It’s really easy to see why all the blushes from this band are sold out. I love blush, and I have a ton of blushes that I completely adore... but this one is on a different level. It is definitely shimmery, but it does not enhance the texture on my skin at all. It applies sheer, but is buildable. It blends like a dream. And it really imparts that “glowy” look. Kind of like the effect I’d get from a cream blush. Very VERY beautiful. I’m definitely going to grab a few more. Oh, and I should mention that I’m 37 and I don’t usually like wearing highlighter at all. But this is a glow I can appreciate. Absolutely love it!

Why did I wait so long?

Chikuhodo brushes were my very first introduction to Japanese brushes... a long, long while ago. And it propelled me down a rabbit hole that I am still to this down diving further in. I had started with GSN-9 and GSN-10, and I never picked this one up because everyone always stated that the size is huge. And yes, it is big, but it’s honestly still useful and in my opinion, not too big to use. I use the tip of it when I use it, and it is luxuriously soft and blends very well. I shouldn’t have slept on this one for so long.

They say this is a dupe of ....

I never owned the TF brush that this is supposed to be a dupe of, but I can say that it is indeed a fantastic bronzer brush. It is dense and blends bronzer effortlessly. When I ordered, I had originally intended on trying this as a foundation brush as well, but I enjoy it for bronzer so much that it’s going to be a long time before I try it for any other purpose. If you’re like me and you missed out on the TF brush, or if you’re addicted to fude, I really think you will enjoy this brush.

Oh wow!

This is the very first natural hair foundation brush I have ever used. I usually use either a beauty blender or a synthetic foundation brush, but I think I am converted. The hairs are soft on my skin, but densely packed. I find that I use substantially less foundation to achieve the same amount of coverage that my previous methods of application did on me. I don’t have any streaks and I haven’t experienced any shedding. Unfortunately, this means I must now go further down the rabbit hole of natural foundation brushes. Wish me luck. I (just now as I write this) ordered another koyudo foundation brush. Oh, and I love the little stand that it comes with too! I absolutely think this brush is well worth it and the quality is amazing.

Love it!

I use this approximately 4 days a week, in the morning. I mix it in with my favorite serums on my hand, then apply it to my face. It’s gritty, but only for a few seconds. After about five minutes, I apply moisturizer, and after another 5... sunscreen. This is my face base on days I wear makeup and days I don’t. I love that it’s a powder because it won’t lose efficacy or degrade. And I love the accessible price too. Really, nothing not to love.

Cut crease perfection

I absolutely adore this brush, but I really only use it when I’m doing a cut crease. And it’s size and shape are perfect for that.

3.75 stars if it was an option

So, almost 4 stars. I don’t dislike this quad, but I don’t reach for it very often as it doesn’t quite offer the “wet look” I was going for. It’s still pretty and I didn’t return it... so there’s that. The shadows do feel a bit dry, and I recommend using a glitter primer or tacky base of some sort. I also find that they apply best using the finger to press into place on the lids.

Oh oh oh! AMAZING!

I really thought that I previously wrote a review for these amazing brushes, but I don’t see it so I’ll do another. The Sky Eye set is nothing short of fantastic yet again from Sonia! But I think most of you all already know what to expect from Sonia, so I can say without a doubt that these are up to par with all of her previous offerings. But I will say, that I actually do think this is the perfect set to start out with if you are new to Sonia G brushes. The shapes and sizes are ideal for both a “Starter” sonia set, as well as for anyone who has smaller lid space/eyes. I love brushes of all sizes, but I know there are a lot of people who like smaller.

I will be the first to admit that this palette scared the daylights out of me. I am usually in my comfort zone in neutral or earthy tones, so these bright shades really threw me for a loop. But I was wrong to feel this way. First of all.... VISEART! second of all... VISEART. And third... the shades are so bright and fun and you can decide how “wearable” or “out there” you want to go with it. The shades all blend amazingly well, true to viseart form, and the shade selection is far less intimidating once you actually start applying them. I even found myself going outside of my box and experiencing the joy of creating once again. All around, this palette is an absolute joy! Lovely for spring and summer or any time you just want to feel cheery. Which we can all surely use a bit right now!

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