Beauty Product Reviews

An almost undetectable airbrushed finish

I am always on the lookout for a good foundation, and as a fan of Wayne's I was excited to see him come out with his new products. I don't usually like using a puff to apply foundation, but I thought I'd give it a try as well as the finishing powder. I used a fairly modest amount of Shade 10 (you can see that although I used it all over my face, I didn't try to build it up under the eyes as a concealer yet, so my dark circles still show, hee!) I love that a thin layer evens out the redness in my skin, and helps with the redness on my upper lip and texture on my nose, all while looking pretty much undetectable as foundation. The powder goes a long way and doesn't suck out all the moisture in my skin. I'm obviously not wearing any other makeup in the photo (sorry for the extreme close up!) but I really wanted to show how well it blends together.

While the foundation is definitely my favourite, the powder is really nice, and I was pleasantly surprised by the puff. Congratulations Wayne!

Beautiful finished look!

I just realized as I am putting a new one in my cart, that I hadn't reviewed this product yet. I am fair with neutral undertones, and Apricot Glow is a beautiful finishing powder (outer ring or all combined) and a glowy subtle blush (inner ring) on my skin. If buffs in like a dream and blends everything together to leave a very pretty, non-powdery look. I very rarely hit pan on products as I am a collector and have a lot, but this one is down to the last bit.

Soft and multifunctional

I absolutely love this brush - the bristles are so soft yet densely packed, and are perfect for finishing powder, blush, bronzer....the brush glides across the skin and picks up and puts down the perfect amount of product. Very glad I purchased this!

Beautiful and soft

This set is my first by Chikuhodo, and I am very pleased with them. I like face brushes more than eye ones, so this was the perfect set to start! They are very soft and dense, and beautiful to work with. The handles and ferrules are a beautiful blue, and the artwork is lovely. My only wish is that they would not have had the brand written through the scene.

Just Beautiful!

I have the 2nd Anniversary WG set as well as a few individual brushes, but this has already won top spot. It is unbelievably soft, and the narrower edge allows for setting under the eyes, around the nose, contour, etc with ease. Absolutely beautiful.

Subtle to stunning!

Gorgeous highlighter and works on my fair skin, yay! Can be applied as a whisper or a shout. The design is beautiful as well.