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Beauty Product Reviews

Flake, smudge, panda eyes, ughhhh

I'm so, so, so heartbroken. I adore Charlotte Tilbury makeup, and when I first put this mascara on, it looked GORGEOUS. Full, fat, fluttery, long, perfect lashes. I only wore it for 3 hours, and it had fallen out all over my under eye. There was a semi-circle of grey and black under my eyes. I wouldn't even wipe it away as it had melted into my concealer. Beautiful mascara, but zero staying power. So so so so so so so disappointed.

What does everyone see in this thing???

The foundation advertises a natural, satin finish... all I got out of it was cakey, uneven, dry-patch clinging, wrinkle hugging. Yes, I had moisturized. Yes, I was wearing a primer. But even then, for a product this expensive, I shouldn't have to do backflips to get it to perform. So, so heartbroken, as I'm having a very strong love affair with her bronzer, but this will be returned.