Beauty Product Reviews

  • Ash
Perfect color!

Finally, a pencil color that is cool-toned enough to not appear auburn against my eyebrow hair! Hooray! Very natural and easy to use; there is actually quite a bit of product in this pencil compared to other brands. The spoolie is perfect and the construction feels luxurious and durable.

Never has a brush worked this well!

I was very intrigued by the shape and density of this brush; I have Wayne Goss's 18 brush as well as quite a few others from his line. I adore them all and they are amazing brushes! But for some reason, this brush will apply and blend eyeshadow in the crease and hooded skin of my eyelids like nothing else. Normally other brushes will skip along the loose skin of my crease and hood creating patches of color. Not with this baby!

This will probably be one of the few brushes that I buy multiples of. Thank you Sonia G for your amazing design!


A vibrant, warm orange. It applies and blends easily and doesn’t seem to stain my eyelids with Painterly paint pot as a base. Perfect for fall, Halloween looks or any pop of color. You do you!!

Make an impact!

I have been searching for the perfect nude eyeliner for my waterline; and Charlotte Tilbury's version is superb. It is soft, pigmented and does not irrirtate my eyes. I didn't think it would last throughout the entire day on the waterline. But each time I have worn it it has survived 100+ degree weather for 8 hrs or more!

On a side note, I love that the barrel of the pencil is a high quality wood--it smells SO good.

A versatile beauty

I am begging you Wayne, please make this permanent! I happened to get one during it's second release, but I see now that it is sold out again without the anticipation of a restock. Alas!! Please say it isn't so!

I could use this brush for every powder on my face; loose powder, pressed powder, blush, bronzer, contour, highlight, everything! With just a quick swish on a microfiber cloth I can switch between products. It is just soft enough and just dense enough to provide beautiful application and blending.

Like a dream!

If you're looking for light, precise application of highlighter, bronzer, contour, etc: you can't go wrong with this sweet little brush. I love using it at my hairline to apply bronzer or contour, and I simply can't mess up my highlighter application with this brush.

Great for travel!

Had to grab one of these beauties to make sure I have one available for travel. Truly the most gentle and versatile formula I have used.

One brush to rule them all. . .

Wow, what a difference this brush makes! I first purchased the #6 brush which I also really enjoy using, but I feel like I never knew crease-work until I started using the #4. I have significantly hooded eyes, and the size, tapered shaped and supreme softness work very well to reach into my crease and up onto the hood of my eyelid. This would be my brush of choice for an entire eye look.

Adore this brush!

I was torn between Brush 4 and 6, and so far I am SO happy I chose 6! It's truly a multitasker; I can see why some people buy multiples of this brush.

Feathery soft and pliable, it is gentle on my hooded eyes and fits well into the crease. Thank you Wayne for these beautiful tools!