Beauty Product Reviews

I really like this shade I love the way it's laying on my lips to give it that strong look to be able to make a wow moment when i enter a room

It's a great shade of pink For me it's the one It's matte but not drying yet give you this freshness I like it and I recommend it for the basic lipstick that every woman should own

Great texture great pigmentation lovely smell what can i ask for is there I love to wear it at day for fresh look and at night to give that elegant touch plus it was inspired by the one and only victoria beckham Hope to produce more great colors

I got only four shades of this amazing product Candy darling , high society, unleash me , sweet stiletto I loved them specially candy darling because it got transparency with great shade It's a great addition to my Charlotte Tilbury vault because of the all the things i bought from this lovely brand

Wayne goss Perfect as usual These brushes are my weapon for perfect brows It's great set and it's a must have Go for it because we deserve the best

I was really surprised by the size it's small but for the results it gave i can look over that I'm a medium skin tone and it looks good on me I bought it because wayne goss give it a great review and I'm glad I listened

I bought all 6 shades that's how i say i love Charlotte Tilbury products it's so amazing the perfect combination of packaging and great product The colors are wonderful and it last i love the idea of using them like the creator showed us It a great gift for me from me

Spectacular Great texture great color great pigmentation The packaging is another story OMG it is the perfect highlighter for me i don't like shiny ones i like elegant glow and this product deliver it like nothing else

This is the brush period I mean it's a multipurpose brush for any application The bristles are amazingly soft thee handle like all the wayne goss brushes perfect in length and weight I washed it many times and it's still do the job great ... Thank you wayne for creating it

Great brush for contouring for blusher fir highlighter for powder to start with and to finish with it I'm glad that i bought it I don't leave home without it It's my one brush for all

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