Beauty Product Reviews

I didn't expect much...

Though a bit disappointed that this is not a squirrel hair set, I purchased this set solely for the looks of it. Knowing that the sakura prints are embossed in a way that they will not be rubbed off, i made my decision right away. I was so pleasantly surprised that the foundation brush does such a wonderful job. I have very dry skin that micro-exfoliate easily. Tom Ford #2 looks very similar, but this Chikuhodo one does a comparatively better job. Foundation laid flawlessly over pores. I hope it comes in a larger size in the future. I don't have a very big face, but using this brush takes more time than a sponge. The powder brush is so soft, it feels even better than my Koyudo fu-pa squirrel powder brush. The red handles are GORGEOUS in life than photos. That sums it all. For brushaholics, probably all you have to do is to make things gorgeous. We will voluntarily empty our pockets. :)

For someone with super dry and flaky skin, you do not have to search further. The Wayne Goss #10 has a nice bounce to it. Not too soft like the MUF 122, nor too much resistance like other non-stippling brushes. Trish McEvoy's mistake-proof brush gives a similar sheer finish without micro-exfoliate your skin, but it doesn't give you the luxurious feel like Goss does.