Beauty Product Reviews


Woof. Let's start out by stating this is my first JStar pallet, and it did NOT disappoint. I'm a HUGE lover of his liquid lips formula and his highlighters, most of his products are of high quality and are very worthy of the price tag. I also do love someone who is EXTRA <3

First impressions: This packaging is BEAUTIFUL. Being in the print industry I very much value packaging and brands who appreciate and put time and effort into a great design are my favorite! Jeffree has demonstrated time and time again he's very hands on with his brand and loves to add new pops of color, glitter, etc. This DOES raise my expectation on the product, if the packaging is this well thought out and beautiful, the product should match.

Opening the pallet: O.M.G I am shook. There is a rather thick sheet of plastic protecting the eyeshadows, and again, thanks JStar for quality. The colors are beautiful, the mirror is HUGE (love it) and everything looks beautiful

Pigmentation: I'd say the whole pallet is worth a 9.3 out of 10 ya'll! Some of the shades are to DIE for. Others you have to do quite a bit of layering to get them to adhere.

Blendability: These are incredibly easy to blend out. They melt into each other and truly are stunning. The formula isn't dry by any means, but it's also not as buttery smooth as lets say Natasha Denona mattes. Please read this right: His new formula is BEYOND amazing.

Fallout: Minimal. If you're using a fluff blending brush it's expected to have more fallout and kickback than if you're using a more condensed and packed brush. Having said that, I was AMAZED at how little fallout there was. <3

The middle row: METALLIC CITY CENTRAL YES PLEASE. I loved every single one. I did have to use fix + (elf's mist and spray works as well), but these are SO beautiful on the lid. What I LOVED is how much pigment, sparkle, and shine these had! It was like wearing a glitter lid but without the weight or grit. They also flawlessly blend into each other.

Concluding thoughts: I WOULD RECOMMEND THIS pallet just for the middle row <3

Just WOW

Gorgeous consistency, dries down, doesn't crackle or flake and really has a SPARKLE effect. It catches everyone's eye right off the bat! I wanted to check this one out before I ordered Kitten Karma, but that's next!


This is the ISH. The TEA. CLUTH. FETCHHHH... whatever you want to insert as an adjective. The formula is what you'd come to expect from the Legendary J.Star line. It dries down, no cracks or flaking. The color payoff is... Amazing. This is so far my favorite (other than weirdo) <3

THE best black on the market, PERIOD

I LOVE 89% of all the Jeffree Star Liquid lipsticks, but THIS and Redrum have a special place in my heart! This is BLACK, as black can be. Dries completely down and isn't irritating, and the bonus is it doesn't become crusty. I LOVE this shade so much I always have 2 backups. <3

THE best red ever

This is a GORGEOUS shade of red that has a sparkle and lasts for a LONG time! I do still use a pressed eye shadow first, and then smoke it out with Asylum! I reccommend Sugarpill's LOVE +. SO many great things to say about this!

I wanted this to be sooo pretty, but it just wasn't

Have you ever ordered something and were SO excited for it (that you even skipped work early when it arrived?!) Well that's the exact sentiment I had towards this purchase, until it arrived. It was thick, chalky, and yielded no pigment. I was very sad :( especially compared to King Tut, Ice Cold, and Neffree, which are all buttery smooth and have a great pigment payoff. Save yourself the frustration!

The holy grail of highlighters

THIS IS A MUST HAVE FOR ANY SKIN TONE! So many uses for it, inner corner highlight, brow highlight, etc etc! This is buttery smooth, and has a high pigmentation. What I LOVE about these is that they still blend out and seamlessly with contour and blush! <3 LOVE <3

NO. Save your money

This, along with the MannyMUA collab have been the worst highlighters I've gotten from the Jeffree Star collection! :( They were chalky, hard, and yielded almost no pigment. Unfortunately I had to return this shade. Buyer beware.

Oh My GOSH <3

This is my FAVORITE highlighter from the J.Star series! It has the same consistency that ICE COLD does, but the pigment payoff is EVEN better! I lightly dusted my brush, and as it hit my cheek it was already too much ((WHICH I LOVED!)) If you put on your highlighter and say "WHOA" at the same time, you know you're dealing with quality. This makes me SUPER happy as the last two highlighters I've ordered I've had to sadly return (which goes against my own makeup policy, but yikes they were badddd -- MannyMUA collab, and Crystal ball :( )) I just have to give a shout out to BEAUTYLISH! Thank you for always providing amazing service!