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Beauty Product Reviews


I have tried so many pore "erasers" and this is by far the best. I have rather large pores (hereditary) and though I understand pores cannot be shrunken, I was determined to find the makeup product that would make them look like they weren't there. And this is it folks. This stuff is made out of pixie dust and the makeup gods themselves sent it to us. Honestly just truly exceptional.


This product is absolute magic. Hands down THE BEST out there for treating blemishes. I've never suffered from full-on acne, but I always have at least two pimples at a time, never a fully clear face. And this stuff zaps them away like no other. It's not drying (I have combination skin), the smell is very strong but once the product dries you cannot smell it. I use it once a week on my nose to get rid of blackheads and it works wonders! I have tried soooo many spot correcting acne medicines and this has been the best!