Beauty Product Reviews

In love with this!

I waited and waited for this baby to come back in stock and as soon as it did, I grabbed it up and I am so glad I did. This brush is PERFECT for cream blush, cream highlight and cream bronzer. But I mostly use it for cream blush b/c that's what I own the most of (I use it everyday with my Colourpop Blushes) and it's really a great brush for that. It picks up the exact right amount of product and distributes the product so evenly without disturbing the foundation underneath. Even with the most pigmented cream blushes, it never applies them too quickly so you end up looking clown-like. This builds them slowly and evenly. You don't have to be afraid of pigmented products with this brush. For someone that is fair-skinned like myself, this is a Godsend! It's incredibly soft, much softer than any synthetic brush I own. Nothing compares to this brush! It's probably one of my top favorite I own b/c of it's versatility. It's right up there with my Chikuhodos! Excellent quality, no shedding & no scratchiness. Get this brush! You will love it!

Don't write this brush off...

It is amazing for dusting on super pigmented won't look like a disco ball! I finally found the perfect brush for my Becca Pressed highlighters and Mary Lou Manizer highlighter from the Balm. I also love it with the Kevyn Aucoin highlighter. I can get the most perfect glow without looking overdone. No other brush in my collection does a better job for this purpose. I use it everyday and couldn't imagine not having now.

Really great for packing on pigmented shadows

This brush packs on shadows favorite use for it is dark shadows because it doesn't apply too much can slowly build intensity with those dark shadows which is great for an everyday look. It is super soft and you can put just the tip/end of the brush in a transition shade and smudge it on the lower lash line without any poking or irritation. This is an excellent, soft brush. I would highly recommend this to anyone! I use it everyday and can't live without it now.

Amazing...not much else could compare

This is the softest pencil brush in all the land! There is no poking or stabbing AT ALL! The delicate under eye area is really pampered. I adore it. I was going to send it back at one point because the brush didn't seem firm enough. However, I kept using it knowing that I wouldn't find many brushes, if any at all, that could compare to the softness and I learned to love the diffused way this blends. Mainly because it is so easy to put too much product down too quickly with other brushes and look like you have raccoon eyes but this brush prevents this from happening and allows a nice gradual build up of color as well as the ability to blend the delicate eye area without tugging or poking. Really happy that I kept this.

Great for bronzer, blush and highlighter!!

I adore this brush! Super soft and luxurious! I use this for applying bronzer (Hourglass Dim Light) and less pigmented "harder-pressed" blushes as well as less pigmented highlighters. This brush is holy grail for me and the only other brush I use for blush besides this is the Suqqu cheek brush and soon (once it arrives), the WG 13 for cream blush. But this one I use everyday and adore it. I can't live without it now. You will love it too!


I adore this brush! I use it everyday and I will not pick up any of my other powder brushes. This is big enough for me to use as an all over setting powder brush and it picks up the perfect amount of powder and flawlessly applies it with disturbing the makeup underneath. It also distributes the powder so evenly and lightly. It doesn't even look like I am wearing powder. The other thing I love so much is how incredibly soft it is. I usually break out in hives right after I use my other brushes but not with this brush. It is super delicate and doesn't "exfoliate" my skin as other brushes seem to do! Holy Grail brush...worth every penny!

Great little detail brush

I love this brush. It's small and precise but not as small as a pencil brush. I love that because it really is for detail work and blending small areas. Sometimes I just want a little darkness in the outer V and I don't want to drag it in on the lid too far. I like that I can concentrate color exactly where I want it. I also like it for my under eye area because it so soft and when blending back and forth, it doesn't poke that sensitive area at all. I am really happy I got this because it's unique to my brush collection. I would say the only brush that is similar is a brush by sigma but that brush is definitely "floppy" and not nearly as soft. This brush will replace my sigma one. Another neat thing you can do with this brush is in between your transition color your brow bone highlight, you can add the slightest hint of another lighter transition color. It adds a really nice effect (almost like a sunset effect) and this brush is perfect for that technique because you can place color precisely and then blend out without ruining the eye shadows above and below it. Really happy with this brush!

Really, really wonderful

I am so pleased with this brush. I ended up ordering two because I had a feeling, from the reviews others posted, that I would want another one once I got the first one. I must say, I am pleasantly surprised because it seems like some reviews on youtube were negative saying the brush wasn't as soft as they hoped, that it shed, bleed, didn't hold it shape etc. Granted, these reviews were posted last year during the first release so maybe there were some flaws that needed to get worked out but, I was fully expecting to have to send these brushes back just based on some of those videos. However, I have had a totally different experience. These brushes are the softest I own and I have over 30 face brushes. During the first washing I had no shedding or bleeding of either and I don't feel any roughness on my skin at all (and I have sensitive skin). They place the perfect amount of product, blend the product wonderfully, and I really believe that these have forever changed my makeup application. I am fair and I have a really hard time controlling the amount of product I use for blushes, bronzers and setting powders. But this gives me such control and I feel like I don't have any harsh lines to blend or blush to correct after using this brush. I would be a fool to send these back! I seriously am considering giving away most of my other brushes because I don't feel like they can even compare to the flawless application this brush gives me. I know I will reach for these day after day. And as I age, I know I will need less and less product on my face to achieve a natural look so I am very grateful to have found such a great tool to help me apply product correctly and with such ease! Very highly recommend these! Yes, they are expensive initially, but they are an investment and if you know you will be a makeup wearer for the majority of your lifetime, these aren't that expensive when you think of the years they will be with you.

One of my favorite brushes ever!

This brush is wonderful! No shedding, extremely soft, perfect for highlighting and placing setting powder in small areas. Even for contouring it's wonderful. Couldn't be happier! It is a smaller brush but that's what makes it so good for small areas. I used it for blush a few times, and while it does a great job of blush placement, you just have to be careful to blend well so you don't have a blush line. I found that I like the Holiday Brush much better for blush. If you get this brush, I am sure you will be pleased because it has so many functions and it's softness makes it quite luxurious!