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I loved it, very moistening (this was a great add on since I have the driest lips ever) , and it is my somewhat my everyday lip stick. Its a very nice color, I do adore it. Its worth the money, trust me! The only thing that stopped me from giving it a five star was that it wasn't long lasting like I would of wanted but that could easily get solved by applying it again. I would totally recommend to friends.

In love

This was my first kabuki brush and I honestly love it, I love it how it like travel size which is great as I'm always traveling, love how the brush feels on my skin

  • N30

This is my fave pressed foundation, I can't recommend this enough... Great coverage, and it feels light. It looks like my skin tone which is AMAZING!! As it literally impossible to find the right tone with my skin color...

It smells good, and it smells like flowers... I honestly do prefer Marc Jacob daisy... The only thing that stop me from giving a 4 was that it didn't exactly last long for the rollerball

I honestly love it

I love this eyeshadow pallet... So pigmented and it's great for every day use or if you going somewhere fancy... I honestly can't think to explain how I really like this product

Hand down one of my favorite make up remover wipe!! Wipes easy, get it all down easy... The only thing that stopped me from giving it a five star is that, it leaves my face a burning feel and then to remove the burning feel I have to take a tissue and remove it, other than that it AWSOME!!

This is my favorite facial cleanser. I have sensitive skin and it doesn't create allergic reaction at all, its amazing!! If your looking for something amazing then get this, and it helps reduce my acne!!

It honestly a good lip balm but like every other Lip balm it really depends on your lips.... This works well.... When I apply keep moisture for a couple hours then it dry, apply again...

The eyeliner is okay I guess, it's not that amazing the only suckish thing it smears kindly bad, and it only last long for couple hours. When I mean couple I mean for an hour or so.... The good thing is slanted making it easy for the classic winged eye

This product is pretty good, but i got to admit it's like many other brush... It deranges well... And the only the thing that makes this brush different is the design

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