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  • How-To: Date Night Eye Makeup

    How-To: Date Night Eye Makeup

    Grab attention on Valentine’s Day and make your eyes the main focus. Soft lilac shadow enhances all eye colors while gold shimmer adds an extra dazzle. Learn how to captivate him for the evening with this easy step-by-step tutorial.

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  • DIY Rosemary Beauty Recipes

    DIY Rosemary Beauty Recipes

    You plant it and eat it, but have you ever thought about using fresh rosemary in your skin care routine? Keep reading for three must-try DIY rosemary beauty recipes.

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  • Headpieces Are a Hit!
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    Headpieces Are a Hit!

    From fascinators to headbands, headpieces are making a huge comeback. They are a favorite of Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, are perfect for special occasions, and are a fun way to spice up a regular hairstyle. Here are our tips on how to include these fascinating accessories in your wardrobe.

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  • Body By Kit: A Healthy Relationship With Yourself

    Body By Kit: A Healthy Relationship With Yourself

    Is your bad relationship making you fat? Fitness expert Kit Rich discusses how negative emotions affect your health and body. Keep reading to find out how to boost your confidence and get back in tune with your body.

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  • Top 3 Daytime Moisturizers For Winter

    Top 3 Daytime Moisturizers For Winter

    Winter may be cold and gray, but that doesn't mean you should stop applying sunscreen. A great way to get sun protection and stop your skin from drying out is to switch to a daytime moisturizer that already contains SPF. Here are our Top 3.

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  • Five Foods To Give You Better Skin

    Five Foods To Give You Better Skin

    You are what you eat, right? So it makes sense that improving your diet will clear up your complexion too. Beautylish reveals five foods that will fight skin problems from acne and wrinkles to rashes and dryness.

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