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Oct 14, 2014

Kendall O.

Yeah I think so! But they are a hassle sometimes. I trim mine like twice a week to keep them perfect. And if you like wearing your hair all the way off your face, don't do it

Oct 08, 2014

Aspen O.

Thank you so much! I will definitely buy a ton of those! Me too!:)

Oct 08, 2014

Aspen O.

Taby not rabid😄

Oct 08, 2014

Aspen O.

Hey Ayla! So I saw from your notd post that you have cats and I have 2 long haired brown rabid and they're hair is everywhere! My dad has a job where he needs to wear expensive suits so he can't have hair on him and he says if I can't get it under control he'll get rid of them. He is not joking. I love them so much! I am not a crzy cat person just FYI. But I want to keep them. I have trouble brushing them bcuz I don't have time with my ridiculous school and we have a lot going on right now in our lives. Do you have any tips for me so that I can at least keep it contained until I can brush them? I'd really appreciate your help!:)

Sep 26, 2014

Allie P.

Hey Alya!

Sorry for the late response. I think you can definitely go lighter. As for color options, try a dark caramel or light chocolate. C:

Tell me how it goes if you go for it!

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Alya A.

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Hey there beautylish people :D thanks for checking my profile ! I am medstudent currently in my senior year, can't wait for graduation !! I wanna be a surgeon, I hope I can achieve that I also love makeup and all things beauty related, though I don't have much time to actually do them but i love seeing other people's work, you guys inspire me to find the time and play around with my makeup :D I also love fashion and always try out new looks and styles Just for you to know more about my personality there's this quote that I love, it is my all time favourite "Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind" Love u all :D

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