Beauty Product Reviews

Holy moly

This shadow has really high pigment!!! I love it! Only need a small amount and it goes on so bright. I really want every color but it's so pricey.

Great color

I'm very happy with this foundation. I used it on a client and it was a light weight texture and went on super smooth. The colors matched her skin perfectly.

Not bad

I love urban decay and I wanted something different. It has mostly pinks and isn't as pigmented as I would like. I still use it on clients and myself though. This palette suits more towards lighter and fair skin tones.

  • Pro
Feels so good on the face!

First time using the beauty blender I was amazed at how it expands to double its size when wet. The sponge is super soft and feels amazing when used with cold water. I also use the solid cleanser to clean my makeup brushes.