Beauty Product Reviews

Not Bad, Not Bad.

Picked this up when I needed a concealer a few months ago, and didn't want to spend very much money. I like this, it does a nice job of covering and doesn't crease under my eyes or feel thick, and doesn't emphasize any drier areas of the face. Also, I believe it's under $5.00, so it really is great for the price.


I got this brush on Black Friday with a mini version of the Chocolate Soleil Bronzer(Which is amazing!) and I really like it for contouring my nose, and also to put light eyeshadows all over my eyelids. Also, it's SUPER cute, so who wouldn't love that?!


Really enjoy this primer, it really makes a difference with my shadows and bottom liner lasting longer, and it feels really light on my lids when I apply it, not very sticky like some other primers and bases i've used.

Nice Quality.

I really like this bronzer, it's not overly dark for my NC25 skintone, has no orange tint, lasts a nice amount of time before needing touch-ups, smells AMAZING, and is completely MATTE.

Holy Grail

Absolutely love this foundation! I have some pretty bad hyperpigmentation, because when I was younger I was a bad seed, and wore my makeup into all hours of the night, LOL, and it covers up everything I need it to! Some days I might have to add a little more because my skin acts and looks differently from day to day (Like mostly everyone, right?) but usually I need a pretty small amount, which blends out to cover my whole face.


I really do like this primer A LOT! It does what it says, minimizes pores, but it doesn't really help with the wear-time of your face makeup. Also, it has a nice scent, nothing very crazy or too strong.


Anyone who is a TRUE Glossaholic will honestly love these! They smell amazing, like vanilla and candy! Also, the glitter is so nice and chunky like craft glitter, but you cannot, i repeat CANNOT feel any of it on your lips. I own Fireball and Tipsy, Fireball being a gorgeous fire-engine red with different colored glitter and Tipsy being a hot pink with blue and silver glitter, and BOTH of them have nice color pay off, but look better on top of a lipstick with the same type of shade.


I own 'Cinnamon' and 'Peach'. Cinnamon is a nice orange color, and whenever I wear it I swear it looks very natural but somehow different. It's really not 'detectable' that it's a straight up orange blush once I do some blending, but it still looks very different from most other girls' cheeks, LOL. Also, Peach is a mid-tone mauve pink color, and it's alright. Nothing very special, and an average shade you can get from most other brands.


This is my absolute favorite eyeliner, and also my first high end eyeliner. I've gone through 2 pens within 8 months I believe, so they last maybe 3 and a half to four months, using this pretty much every day doing a very thick wing and using it for bottom liner at times as well.

Nice Quality

This is a very good quality eyeliner, I have it in Asphalt(Black shade) and I really do like it, it can be a bit goopy at times, but it's fine. It's very pigmented a really great deep black! Also, staying power is great! If you apply too much liner in one spot, it can get a bit patchy through-out the day though.