Beauty Product Reviews

Lovely Mist

Let us just start with the fact that you do not need to pay this much for a facial mist, however, if you were going to splurge, this should be your item. The spray is very fine and does not disturb your makeup. The only product I find comparable is Max Fix+.

At first glance, I wasn't sure

I have come to depend on this brush to brush out my Dipbrow and make it look more natural. I am using this to comb my brows but also instead of a spoolie to perfect my brows. I will not be without this. I did purchase the set from Wayne Goss and the only one I don't use faithfully is the spoolie (only for clumpy mascara) because Brush 22 does it all.

There is no rotation, this is the only eyebrow brush for me.

I have been using this brush faithfully throughout 2016. It deposits color as needed and is the perfect pair for my Anastasia Dipbrow.

A Minimalist Love

I purchased this brush in January of 2016. So far, the brush has cleaned well and shedding is not a concern. There are many new brushes at Sephora that are at Wayne Goss' price range but nowhere near his quality. This has been the only face brush I have used for the entire year (mostly I use the Beautyblender for foundation) and it applies my blush, bronzer, and finishing powder beautifully. And, my goodness is it soft--other brushes do not even compare.