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I’ve used this saikoho brush for both liquid and powder products and it performs just as well with both. The head is full and rounded but yields really nicely against the skin without being at all scratchy. I was able to achieve a pretty much flawless finish using very little foundation and minimal effort (always a bonus) The cherry wood handle is beautifully tactile and unlike anything else in my collection. I really enjoy using it and definitely recommend it.

Absolute gem.

This is such a lovely powder brush, the head is very full and the squirrel and goat hair mix performs well, laying down both loose and pressed powder products beautifully. The handle is short, nicely weighted and feels very pleasing in the hand.

I’ve been travelling a lot recently and this has been my powder brush companion of choice. It has been a joy to use every day and will be a welcome addition to my collection. I love everything about it.

Efficient performance.

This was my first brush in the Fu-Pa series and as it’s both perfect for travel and a foundation brush (my absolute favourite) I was keen to try it out. Being Hakutotsu goat hair, like the Koyudo BP Series BP013 I also bought (and loved) recently and similarly dense, it did a great job of good coverage with minimal product wastage, I had foundation left on my palette and I’d been sparing to start with.

To compare with the BP Series brush (both pictured side by side) I’d say it’s actually more dense and obviously both bristles and handle are considerably shorter. The Fu-PA02 is a nicely weighted and balanced brush to use, although generally speaking I prefer a less chunky handle for every day use. That however is very much a personal taste issue and takes nothing away from the performance of this brush which does everything I would expect of it.

I’m certainly happy to have bought this brush and it will be joining my travel collection without a doubt, but for daily use I’ll probably be reaching more for the BP series. Both are welcome additions to my foundation brush hoard.

Multi-purpose marvel.

I have to confess that I generally avoid double ended brushes, partly because they are awkward to store without fiddly end caps, but since I wanted this one exclusively for travel I thought I’d give it a go. I’m not disappointed either, it’s a great multi purpose tool since both ends can be employed for eye lining, and placement of concealer as well as lip and eye work as intended. Frankly anything that lessens the load on my beauty travel bag is a welcome addition, so despite the fiddly end caps this one gets five stars.

Storage solutions.

My brush collection continues to grow, which means that my storage requirements have done likewise. Many of my brushes are getting a longer ‘rest’ between uses as new favourites take the stage for a while, so having lidded storage to protect them from dust has become more of a a priority. Bananaman is just what I was searching for (now there’s a sentence I never thought I’d write!) I have now set about separating my brushes and storing them by manufacturer and use. I love that they are transparent too because ‘resting’ does not mean forgotten, and I love being able to spot that one Hakuhodo brush I know will be perfect for a task exactly when I need it.

If I have a quibble it’s the same thing that other reviewers have mentioned, that it would be great to have a slightly deeper case to accommodate chunkier facial brushes and that I wouldn’t travel with them since I don’t think they are really hardy enough for that. For my purposes though, for brush storage at home, they are just about perfect.

Tools that work.

After being impressed by the foundation and blush brushes, I purchased three Koyudo eye brushes; Premium series SJ300; Premium Series SJ301; and BP Series BP037 Eye Shadow Brush S. The two Premium brushes are small in size 110 and 115mm respectively and comprised of Grey Squirrel and Sokoho Goat hair. The BP Series is longer at 140 mm long and has Grey Squirrel bristles.

All three are a nice weight and feel balanced in the hand. The two Premium brushes are perfect for both laying down colour and blending, making them great for a quick eye look, whilst I found the BP series useful for crease work, outer corner and lining. These will be great for travel due to their size and adaptability and although I could probably complete an eye look with just these three brushes alone, I’ll definitely be adding to my collection.

Ridiculously useful.

This is one of those silly purchases that I only really made to make up my order for express shipping and yet it has turned out to be one of the most useful things I ever bought. I travel a lot but I use it even when I’m home, just to stop my BB rolling away. It’s easy to wash and very light so it’s no hassle to travel with, honestly I wish I’d bought one sooner. Definitely recommended.

Flawless finish.

I love foundation brushes and this one does not disappoint. I used it with liquid foundation and found the application process fast, even and streak free. The Hakutotsu Goat hair allowed me to use less product than usual so I had a little left on my palette. Only light pressure is needed as the brush head is quite dense. The bristles, whist firm, are not at all irritating on the skin. I really like this one and would definitely recommend it.

A Little Beauty

I bought this primarily for travel, as at only 118 mms it’s pleasingly compact in size, but it’s so lovely and tactile that I can see it becoming a daily favourite. The grey squirrel and Sokoho goat hair combination picks up the perfect amount of product and is kitten paw soft against the skin. The brush itself is a lovely weight in the hand and its relatively small dimensions make it great for use with purse sized combination face palettes too, the bristle length coming in at around 40mm and approximately 35mm in width. This is my first Koyudo brush but will be far from my last, there are several already on my Wishlist.

Stylish Hydration.

Having finally decided to ditch plastic bottles from my life I started looking for an alternative and having tried many, BKR glass bottles have become my favourite go to. Despite being heavier to carry than the metallic containers I initially tried, they are much nicer to drink from. The 500 ML bottle is a reasonable size and weight to carry in my gym bag and I find the spiked sleeve bottle way easier to safely grab hold of quickly whilst on the treadmill than it’s smooth sleeved sister, though it doesn’t fit in every cup / bottle holder I’ve come across. If Beautylish could also stock the replacement caps (the standard, rather than the gloss compatible) then I’d be all set.

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