Beauty Product Reviews

not for me

maybe because I have long hair that gets in my face at night, but I do not like the oily texture of this product. although my skin is somewhat dry, I just do not care for any oily product on my skin, and it doesn't absorb to any extent. I don't want oil on my pillow or in my hair, so this product is not for me.

i needed this!

i'm very pleased with this brush tree. it's much better technique than my old way of drying my many brushes. i use it with the brush guards i have, also from beautylish. these brushes are way too expensive to take a chance on letting water loosen the hair in the ferrule. recommend highly!

need these!

these brush guards for smaller eye and detail brushes are terrific. brushes hold their shape while drying, and the guards are stiff enough that you can stand them up so brushes dry in the correct position--bristles down.

one of a kind!

this brush is completely unique and makes tight lining very easy. i use it to push liner into the roots of my lashes from below (edge of the waterline) and also from above. my lashes look much thicker, and there isn't a visible sharp line, so it looks very natural and soft. i don't want to be without it, so i think i'll order a second one. it's tiny with short bristles and works like a dream. i love and recommend it!

i love this!

i need eyeliner, but i'm not good at getting the look i want. as a fair-skinned redhead, my eyelashes and eyebrows are so light as to be almost transparent. it's almost impossible for me to get mascara to the very base of each lash, so i end up with this tiny bit of the base of every single very light lash showing. i haven't found a way to get other eyeliners or brushes to color that last millimeter of blond lash. i hate that! this wonderful 3-tipped applicator can be applied between the lashes from above and from below the lash line, and it's very easy to tight-line as well as get color onto that area that i can't get a mascara wand close enough to cover. problem solved. i have purchased my second one and use it even when i also use a liquid, gel or pencil liner, in order to darken those last base of lash bits. my only complaint, and the reason for the 4 instead of 5 stars, is that it comes only in black, and dark brown would be more natural with my coloring. that said, i will be using it daily and purchasing more. it's a great idea.