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Beauty Product Reviews

  • KA

Okay so I read reviews online about this foundation I bought it because I wanted to try whats been called the best foundation ever made.......the creators of this makeup are angels sent from heaven...I've dealt with bad skin my whole life and although I do not get breakouts anymore my skin is just not perfect..this foundation matches your perfectly ....when you put it on it just goes into your skin like nothing ive ever used before can layer this product on as much as you want ....IT WILL NOT AND DOES NOT CAKE....the foundation I was using prior to this one was makeup forever mat velvet oil free becuz I have oily skin muf mat velvet made my face an oil slick within 15 min...this rcma foundation feels like nothing on your skin...when you touch your skin it doesn't even feel like your wearing makeup at also only need to use a little of this product becuz it's 50% pigment???this product is amazing it's been around for over 50 years so I've heard and I can see why ...I'm sooo happy I made this purchase...I'm going to be buying more very very very soon just to stock up...I'm not kidding this product is that good.with this makeup on I feel so confident and beautiful and I'm so happy I found this product,I feel so good about myself now that I don't have to be self conscious about my skin :::)))) thank you so much beautylish you are awesome!!=]