Beauty Product Reviews

Bye dry patches!

Omorovicza products amaze me! Yes, they are super pricey, but everything I have purchased works like heaven. I have dehydrated skin and moisturize religiously. Despite this, I still find that I have dry patches in my t-zone that causes my foundation to cling. I decided to try this oil and since I have begun to use this there is not a dry patch in site. Also, my foundation sits beautifully on top! Definitely an investment that's worth it!!!

Smudge, smudge, smudge

I could not wait to get this item. I ordered directly from CT (terrible return policy btw) and instantly tried it out once I received it and was initially impressed as it was the blackest black and my eyelashes looked nice and full. Downside to application was that the tip is pretty fat and not good for the inner corners and the actual mascara isn't evenly distributed on the wand, causing big clumps on the wand. After wearing it for the evening I had smudges of mascara all over my under eyes that I had to keep cleaning. It was terrible. Touching my lashes after 8 hours of wear, I could still feel semi wetness to the mascara. Truly horrible. What a disappointment