Beauty Product Reviews

Beautifully soft but too expensive

This is a beautifully soft brush, and truly makes application of powder highlighter seamless, when built up and blended out. It is a wonderful highlighter brush, but not $125 wonderful.

Since this brush is so soft, I find it sheers out most powder highlighters I apply, and I have to build them up quite a bit. For that reason I prefer using it with more pigmented highlighters (think Natasha Denona Super Glow) as opposed to more subtle ones (such as the Laura Mercier Matte Radiance baked highlighter). I often pick my Wayne Goss Air-Brush over this, because I find it gives me way more control than this brush. Also, this isn't one of those brushes that "does the blending for you"; you have to work your way up to achieving the glow you want.

All in all I wouldn't recommend this brush; it isn't a must-have in my opinion. I learned the hard way that a soaring price tag does not mean I'm getting the most perfect highlighter brush in the world, and I really wish I had been able to return this before the return window closed.

Didn't work for my sensitive skin

I got this product in March 2019, and I've been using it sometimes regularly and sometimes on and off since then. I am writing this review in September 2019. In these 7-ish months, my experience with the Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light ++ has been pretty strange. I've been going though these random, frustrating breakouts since January 2019, which is odd because I have always had good skin, historically. I got this product to (A) combat these breakouts and (B) lighten the blemishes caused by them.

This product can only be used with a water based mask or moisturizer, and the one that Skin Inc makes and recommends to use with the Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light ++ is no good. It dries up immediately and you have to pile on tons of it to achieve any glide for the Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light++. The metal probe is supposed to be used to massage the mask into one's skin and the LED lights around it are supposed to help with acne, anti-aging, and brightness.

In my experience, I would see after a few days of regular use, that older pimples and blemishes would display minuscule reduction, and wherever I had massaged the metal probe against my skin, new blemishes would start appearing. For that reason, I stopped using it for a few months in between (June 2019, July 2019) and switched to Murad's Retinol Serum instead. My skin's texture improved visibly, and once things were slightly better, I started using the Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light ++ again in hopes of lightening blemishes and dark spots.

Again, the same thing happened: wherever the metal probe touched my skin (especially on my cheeks) I started getting new, red, splotchy pimples.

For that reason I have currently stopped the use of this device and don't think I should continue. Unfortunately for me, the return period has also elapsed, so I cannot return it.

This device is an extremely costly investment and if your skin is sensitive to pressure from certain surfaces such as metal massagers and jade rollers, I highly recommend researching LED technology before splurging on this device. I did so out of desperation and frustration over my breakouts, and I highly regret it.

buffing heaven

I have a bunch of Wayne Goss brushes (including 3 of the Air-Brushes). Dare I say, Brush 13 does perhaps a better job of air-brushing then the actual Air-Brush? This brush blends cream highlighters and cream contour beautifully. My foundation looks perfect and streak-free. And the shape is perfect to buff powder into the skin as well. I love this brush and I think I'll be getting another one soon. The only cons are the price and the fact that it isn't easy to clean and takes a while to dry.

I have 3 of them

I have 3 of the these brushes. I promptly ordered two more after the first one blew me away. If there if one brush I would recommend for applying powder products all over the face, it is this one. The Airbrush is so soft, and truly blends any and every product seamlessly into the face. My face looks like a beautifully diffused watercolor painting after I'm done using this brush. I use it for powder, dusting off my bake, contour/bronzer, blush, and highlighter. And I have also used it for the "airbrushing" technique Wayne Goss showed in his video on this brush. Honestly? Phenomenal results! As someone who uses and loves her airbrush guns, I think this brush might just have them beat. If you were thinking of getting this, get it now!