Beauty Product Reviews

Beautiful Long Lasting and Non-Drying

I am so impressed with this liquid lipstick! I have tried other brands and always suffered from peeling or painfully dry lips a few hours into wearing. Even despite attached balms or glossed, which defeat the purpose of a matte lip! As it is winter, I definitely moisturized my lips prior to using any lip product. Though all I had time for was just a quick swipe of lip salve at the start of my makeup application, blot 5-10mins later at the end of my makeup application and applied this silky formula. Dry down took about 2 minutes with no budging or uncomfortable tightness, it gave my plenty of time to perfect the shape. The applicator is genius, it's a unique flexible doe foot with a slight concave front which hugs the lips to smooth on the product and a flatter rounded tip for precise application.

The photo below is after FIVE hours of wear, one coffee and breakfast. I only suffered a tiny almost undetectable smudge. No flaky lips, my lips were matte without being tight or intensily creased/lined. I am incredibly impressed! Doll Parts is simply beautiful and I can see myself getting a lot of use out of it. On my fair skin, it's a bit darker than swatches I've seen but very much expected for my fair skin. Beautiful color all around!

Full Whispie Lashes

I have terribly sensitive eyes, coupled with a very picky taste in mascara, I'm a very tough customer. I prefer a wetter formula, a natural brush (i.e. not rubber) and, of course, a trifecta of lengthening, curl hold and volume. I am never ever satisfied. UNTIL NOW. This mascara ticks all the boxes, no clumps, no spider lashes in sight, just full whispie long lashes. Not only is the packaging lux, the multiple threads to screw back on the wand, makes it just feel safer for the longevity of the formula. My first tube lasted a solid 6 months, with no foul smell, no irritation, it never dried out...I just had the chance to use every last drop! The wand comes out every time with the perfect amount on the brush. Now that I'm thinking about it, I've never needed to even once wipe off excess on the tube. The formula is not too wet that you have to wait ages for it to dry but you have plenty of time to get the perfect application and the freedom to not worry about your now amazingly full lashes transferring onto all your beautifully applied eye makeup. I am already on my second tube and this time sprung for the Kevyn Aucoin eyelash curler, this mascara holds my curl. That is an amazing feet for my stick straight lashes. This is a phenomenal mascara that is the richest of blacks, easy on my sensitive eyes, doesn't smudge, budge or clump. Worth EVERY penny.

Natural Definition

Just...okay. I am fortunate to have full and long lashes but they are very pale blonde. I wanted to love this but at most, it tinted my lashes a very light black (dark grey) color. I did feel I had definition to some degree, but even with curling, there was really no volume, lengthening or enhancement to my eyelashes. I wore this on days I had minimal makeup and it was a struggle to use fact I didn't. I threw it away after the three month mark. I did like the wetter formula and the brush was wonderful but the payoff was underwhelming.

sheer coverage and TOO DARK

I wanted to love this. I am a huge fan of Charlotte's line. I adore her pressed powder and eyeshadows. For reference, I am the shade alabaster in bobbi brown. Not only did this not combat my redness, but I never felt my skintone was improved, even at a sheer level as promised. Unfortunately, i looked sallow/yellow. I was encouraged that there were four 'fair' shades. I chose the lightest and it was still too dark. I would think given Charlotte is a ginger, though it seems she may fake tan, she would be welcoming of us fair set, but not so lucky. I have never had to return to Beautylish but I had to return this.


My Shu Uemura curlers were on the outs after loving on them for a few years. I admittedly was pulled in by the beautiful rose gold and design of Charlotte's curlers. I wish I could say I loved them. They are almost too curved for my eye and not long enough. I end up bending the outer corner or inner corner at an odd angle or can't get all of my lashes in. I am the type of girl that really wants to get to the root and I can't do that with this. I think these will be relegated to an back up. Not horrible, but not great either.

UnderEye Wonder!

This product is amazing! I could not believe how seamlessly this blended onto my under eye area. It melts into a second skin and is left undetectable after application. I am very fair with neutral undertones (I wear bobbi brown alabaster for reference) and 1 fair matches me beautifully. I highly recommended this concealer and the packaging is just beautiful!

  • 77

This liner goes on smooth and doesn't budge! I got shade 77 (a deep dark black). It is beautifully pigmented with a satin/matte finish. My only gripe is it's almost too budge proof! I had to use an oil based cleanser to remove it with a bit of coaxing and patience. My liner brush, a Chikuhodo liner brush, was very difficult to clean, even with my Da Vinci bar soap. Overall, the former is a slight deterrent to everyday use. I may reserve this for rainy days, high humidity and/or special occasions.