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Beauty Product Reviews

Fallen Angel is a rising star!

Okay, I recently took a look at several other palettes that I thought would be possibilities before I purchased this one, and I am so glad I went with this Charlotte Tilbury luxury palette! It is gorgeous!

I don't mind the lightweight feel of the palette, I actually prefer it for travel. I don't think it seems "cheap" at all. I think it's very practical. Sure, I love the look and feel of Tom Ford, but do I hesitate before tossing it in my bag to take with me? Absolutely. I think the colors in the Fallen Angel palette are perfect for my skin tone (fair) and I have and will be using all 4. Why spend the money on a palette if you're not going to actually use all of the shades!? This applies so wonderfully - smooth, silky, pigmented - wet or dry. It blends like a dream. It wears all day long for me (even without a primer!). I can create a look for day, for work, church, special occasion, it does it all. The "smoke" shade works well wet as a liner, too. I have tried and loved several CT products now and this is one of her best. I'm not sure why this palette is more expensive than her other palettes. Simply because it's "limited edition"? I'm not sure how LE this is,, we'll see. But, it's lovely and I recommend it.

Iconic Nude

I was pleasantly surprised at how well I liked this pencil. It applied very smoothly and is a fantastic color for my highly pigmented lips. It is just the right nude shade without having any orange and without being too brown. Other brands (MAC) seem to be too dry and don't apply well on my lips, but this seems to glide effortlessly. The Iconic Nude with Bardot Beige gloss creates the perfect sultry, full pout that is classic and grown up. Nice look! It is also pretty on its own. I find myself reaching for this liner often and I rarely bother with lip liners anymore.

Glides on...slides off

I had high expectations for for this eyeliner after having such a fantastic experience with Charlotte's rock n kohl liner. Sadly, this is a miss for me. I've tried it multiple times and it lasts about 15 minutes before completely disappearing. I do not have particularly oily eyelids and I do not tend to have this problem with other brands of eyeliner. It is a soft powdery looking pencil and I hoped I'd love it, but it just does not seem to be a good formula for me.

Foolproof for fair ladies

I was pleasantly surprised with this product. I agree with other reviewers that the packaging is luxe. Really classy. I'm quite fair (MAC N4 or Chanel BR12) and this is nice. I agree that if you have a medium or darker skin tone, this may not show up well. I am enjoying this bronzer and find it quite pigmented, so I need to use it sparingly. The highlighter is definitely gold, but it still works. I have used the highlight under my eye where I have a sunspot that's difficult to conceal and this reflects the light beautifully and makes my eye are look more awake. It's not too frosty and I don't consider this to be glittery. I'm excited to try more of CTs products (also got the mascara and a kohl liner that I need to try!). Oh, and I have the sculpting brush. I should add that I can't use that with the bronzer or it applies much too dark / heavy, but works great for the "glow."