Beauty Product Reviews

Beautiful brush set

I think this is my most expensive brush set. They were so pretty that I splurged and bought them. I will say, at first I was a little disappointed. As another reviewer has said, I thought they would a bit fluffier and it didn't work too well with the products I was using at the time. I bought them back out recently and have been enjoying them much more than i did before. I don't think anyone needs a brush like this but if you love beautiful brushes then this will be an awesome present to yourself! The cheek blush is my fave.

Must have for any makeup lover

I have Neutral Mattes and Sulty Muse. Neutral Mattes is a must have for any makeup lover. THE neutral palette to go with any other eyeshadows or can be used on it own. I use mine to fill my brows sometimes!

Beautiful blushes

I have this blush in Fresh Tan and Plum and love both equally as much. Both are pigmented and easy to blend. They show up beautifully on my medium skin. They are a bit pricey but worth the splurge.

Best brush cleanser I have used!

So... A long time ago I followed what a lot of youtube tutorials and washed my brushes with dish soap and olive oil. My brushes were so oily and gross after. It may be that I am just an idiot and I got the ratios wrong. Lol but I want things to be simple! After this, I started washing my brushes with only dish soap and followed up with a good natural conditioner. This worked but was time consuming.

Now I have this brush cleaner that cleans and conditions in one go! And I swear to God, the makeup melts right out of my brushes making the cleansing process so much quicker! Smells greats, works quick and my brushes are so soft after! After washing and all the excess water out, I put my brushes into my brush guards and hang them on my Benjabelle brush tree.

There was no instructions so I assumed that I wet the brush and swirl it in soap, massage in hand (in my case, my ridiculous Sigma brush washing glove), then rinse till water is clear.

Really glad I made the purchase!!