Beauty Product Reviews

Yellow toned, sheer

Sheer coverage as in barely there except for an increased emphasize on any imperfection or pore. This product also contains parabens. The colour collection is lacking in options for both colour and undertone. For the price I am not impressed.

Peachy keen

This is not one of the more pigmented shades which is maybe why I like it so much. It can be built up of corse, but I love the wash of colour if manages to give without ever giving clown cheeks. This will not make you look over done an never makes streaks. It is not matte and has a rather subtle but pretty sheen, but if you're looking for matte I do not believe that is charlotte thing. First love is Very comparable to hourglass blush in dim infusion. Hope that helped

Creamy, says put!

I did not want to get the same shade everyone was talking about it, I don't know why I'm a bit of an anti follower because this is hands down my favorite charlotte tilbury products I own, following the dolce vita palette which is such a must have. I didn't think one colour could work to mimic everyone's natural lip tone but this honestly looks so natural on everyone! How? Want fuller lips without looking like you're trying to pull a Kylie Jenner? Get this shade. Everyone has it for a reason ;)

Moisturizing peachy beige

I do like the feel of these lipsticks. They are thicker than what you find in most newer formulas, definitely seems more old-school/traditional but not in a negative way. I just wish the colour selection was more like the matte revolution I'm so impatiently waiting for. If you can find a shade you like they really do feel nice and protective on while not being drying in any sense. Nude Kate is definitely very beige! It doesn't wash me out surprisingly but I do not think a nude lip is my best lip although I do like pairing it with a dolce vote smokey eye and First love blusher. All in all I do recommend if you find a colour you will really wear.

Easy to use

Do not put this on your waterline! This is a powder pencil! On that note I do love it for a not too harsh everyday line look that makes my lashes look fuller and very natural. I wish charlotte had put the name on the pencil itself, but it can be forgiven.

All occasion smokey eye

I am not normally a smokey eye girl as my pupils themselves are so dark I am always trying to brighten them up. I have the dolce vita and the vintage vamp and while I do like them both I find that the glitter shade in the dolce vita has no fall out and a better colour payoff than the the VV. I you want a violet burgundy get the vamp but if you want autumnal perfection the dolce vita all the way. Love it!

Not too warm not too cool

Let me start by saying that I am not usually a Jlo glow girl, but I fell for the hype on this palette and I'm glad I did! The bronzer is somehow not orange or grey yet works for warming up the skin and adding contour. Te highlight powder is definitely gold, but works withy fair skin. I love he Snow White look normally, but on those special occasions I am all about the Hollywood look and feel this gives and I highly recommend!