Beauty Product Reviews

Perfect for summer

Love everything about the Magic Creme! The scent is lovely. It leaves you with a dewy glow. Love the Hyaluronic Acid in the mixture. I think my skin looks great after using this for about 2+ months now.

My only hold-up: My skin is a little dry right now, during the cold winter months. May need to switch back to La Mer for it's deeper moisturizing properties that I think Magic Creme is lacking. Magic Creme is going to be perfect during warmer months for me.

Give it a try.

Not for all skin types

I am loving this powder.... The glow is perfection!!! That being said, it really only will work for certain skin tones (especially the bronzer). I can see how some would say it is "orangey" in appearance, particularly if you're fair/very fair. Works great for my skin tone, however....

I also like Hourglass Ambient Light powders. This is a comparable product.

Special splurge

This is a perfect special gift to yourself or others that can appreciate nice products. I find the Rose scent to be lovely.... Not too strong, really just right. I also keep in my night standard apply before bed during these dry winter months.