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Great brush for those of us with smaller eyes or hooded lids...

As KW mentioned, this brush's shape does remind me of the Goss 06. In a way, it's sort of like, if the Goss 06 and the Chikuhodo GSN 9 had a baby, it'd be the Takumi T 7. The T 7 has more bristle density than the Goss (a *little* less 'blending brush-like'), and it's the teensiest bit more resistant/ firm than the GSN 9 (and it's head is also slightly larger) -- but still just as super soft as either of those brushes. It's great for placing color in or just above the crease (and in a pinch, you can blend those colors out with this brush, as well). I also like to use it for outer corner work (adding definition, or cat-eyeing my shadow). And it's also great for applying color on the lid. If you have the GSN 9 or the Goss 06 and just wish that either of those brushes were the littlest bit firmer and more resistant, then this is the brush you need. I'm really glad I picked it up, it's filling a little annoying void in my collection that's been bugging me for a while :)

I've never met a lip formula I was so in love with....

During the recent restock of some of Jeffree's lippies, I added Masochist to my quickly-growing collection of Velour Liquid Lipsticks. I'm so pleased with my purchase, I can't even. All of the other liquid lip colors in my collection are practically collecting dust because the Velour Lippies are the only ones getting any love from me!

Masochist is an absolutely gorgeous, bright but deep, berry shade. It's one of those vibrant, rich berry tones that can be worn year-round. It lasts a comfortable 7 - 8 hours on the lips (no exaggeration... it's really comfortable and it'll really stick around without drying out the lips).

For my place of employment, it's a little too bright a shade for everyday wear [*sobs*], but I make it wearable by mixing it with other Jeffree Star shades in my collection. You can tone it's brightness down (but keep that rich, berry character) if you mix it with Celebrity Skin; that'll give you a beautiful, slightly more muted version of Masochist. And I've also tried mixing Masochist with Posh Spice (also mutes the tone nicely, but yields a more cool-toned result) and Dominatrix (think: chocolate berries... it's as delicious as it sounds).

This is something I really love about Jeffree's liquid lips: they're way more versatile that you might think at first glance. Sure, some of the shades are a little intense-looking in the vial, but they mix and blend so easily that you can turn down or turn up the volume on any shade you choose. You can alter tones and richness without compromising pigment, texture, or wear time. And for those who hesitate to mix a custom lip color before a long workday, not wanting to have to re-mix and apply it after lunch -- let me just tell you: you mix and apply that color at 7:30/ 8 am and it will be there for you after lunch. I mixed Celebrity Skin with Masochist last week before work (around 7:30 am), went to work until 5 pm and that color did not even *begin* to look like it was *starting* to fade until around 3:30/ 4 pm. That's 8 hours.

I seriously believe in this product and honestly have to restrain myself from buying all of the available shades ;D I'll admit, though, if Hoe Hoe Hoe, Doll Parts, I'm Nude, Weirdo, and Drug Lord ever come back in stock... I'm buying them all, no questions asked. :)

A seriously unsung hero in highlighting

Shimmering Skin Perfecter Poured in Pearl is a glorious, radiantly pretty little thing that just does not get enough love. I adore the look of pearl applied over foundation, in combination with Becca's sculpting cream and a Kevyn Aucoin cream blush.

And you might not realize it at first glance, but Pearl Poured is a master multitasking product -- it performs great as an eyeshadow base for a shimmery or natural eye look, it works beautifully underneath sheer/ medium foundation (or BB/ CC) as a luminous primer, you can top a lipstick or a matte liquid lippy with Pearl for added dimension, and underneath a powder highlighter it adds a lovely little boost of glow (try it under Anastasia's Starlight Illuminator!).

Pearl, of course, tends to be more suited to fair and light skin tones, but I'd be willing to bet that Rose Gold and Topaz Poured would be just as beautiful for anyone with deeper skin tones who also adores a multitasking product. :)

Bang for you Buck: 10/10!

I will be coming back for more next year!

Brilliant. Thrilling. I died a couple times opening it (almost literally). I received my bag a few weeks back and I've been reveling in my new products ever since. I received a beautiful variety: Kevyn Aucoin, Natasha Denona (those eye shadows tho!!!), Becca, bioderma, IT Cometics... I did wish just a *tiny* bit that the Becca mattifying primer and IT Cosmetics powder were a little better suited to my winter/ normal skin, but to be honest, I'll get use out of them when my skin gets oilier in the warmer months -- so no love lost! :) It's actually kind of neat to get products that'll be useful to me in spring and summer -- a gift that keeps giving! Overall, I'm so thrilled with everything I received and I'm super impressed with Beautylish's generosity. Thanks so much for those Natasha Denona eyeshadows -- that was truly spectacular.

...and now I need them all. ;)

I die.

This is a gorgeous cream blush. I received Tresbelle in my Lucky Bag and I was thrilled because I've really been getting more in to cream products lately. And as expected, Kevyn's brand does not disappoint. Tresbelle gives a beautiful, natural looking flush to the skin. I like to apply mine with the original (smaller) Wayne Goss 01 brush, but it goes on just as beautifully over foundation using your fingertips. The shade is a semi-sheer reddish rose shade. In terms of color depth, it's medium (not too dark, but not super light either), but Tresbelle can easily be built up or sheered out (even after it sets, it's movable), so it'll look beautiful on light to medium, olive, and even richer skin tones. Thanks, Beautylish! :D

Favorite liquid lipstick formula!

2015 was the year of the liquid lipstick (and the year of the foundation, but that's a different review!) -- and I tried a LOT of brands and formulas. I always loved the idea of a long-wearing liquid formula because with careful application, you don't really need a lip liner, they're super easy to tote around in the ol' purse, and touch ups (if needed at all) are a snap. But I didn't like a lot of the formulas from other brands I'd tried. They often too drying, they emphasize lip lines, they wear weird, or they're so moisturizing that they're really more of a gloss than a liquid lipstick (and therefore also prone to bleeding... ick).

Jeffree's formula is really different, though. His liquid lipcolors are not so drying or harsh on the lips as the many others I've tried. Yes, they do dry down completely, but when they do, they don't feel like they're pulling on the lips -- there's none of that 'sucking-the-life-out-of-my-lip-skin' feeling that I'm used to. They perform great with OR without a balm/ lip scrub applied before (though I do find they look particularly snatch if I use his sugar scrub before appliying). Jeffree's lippies also don't wear in that gross, uneven way some liquid lipsticks can. And they LAST (comfortably!) for ages. Literally ages.

I have these in Posh Spice, Unicorn Blood, and Celebrity Skin and I sincerely love them all. I've also been eyeing a few other and, once those babies are back in stock, you can bet I'll be picking them up too! If you like a long-wearing lipcolors and you've not tried Jeffree's, seriously, pick one up -- you'll be so impressed with the quality of the formula! :)

  • KA
Gorgeous finish!

I got this in the KA shades, in hopes of using the palette for my base and highlight. This smaller palette configuration is great for the price point, and it gave me a chance to test drive the products on myself, without a big investment or potential disappointing results on a client.

Well, no disappointments here! in fact, I'm picking up the KO palette today because this cream formula is a DREAM to work with. For medium to more sheer (or slower building) coverage, I like to apply with a damp beauty blender. For more medium to full (but still undetectable) coverage, I like applying this with the original Goss #1 brush (the Shiseido foundation brush works great too). Blend and work it into the skin well over your favorite moisturizer, primer, and/ or cc cream and you, my friend, will have seriously beautiful skin. I like to set this with a little La Mer powder for a real wow-inducing effect (although the Nars crystal powder or CT's powder are beautiful as well).

Oh its beautiful. Forget any worries or fears you might have about creams looking heavy (RCMA does not look heavy!) and pick this up.

Outstanding product!

I fell in love with the concept of lip exfoliation a couple years ago when matte lipsticks were becoming a thing. Since, I've used a heap.of scrups and potions with all kinds of formulations. Sugar scrubs are my fave so I had to try Jeffee's, since i love his liquid lip formulas so much.

I got mine a week or 2 ago and its performance has been excellent. The sugar granules seem a *little* larger than ive seen in other formulas, but theyre quite smooth and gentle. The overall formula is also very hydrating, and once you remove the sugar, post-scrub, the lips are.left really silky and lovely. His liquid lipsticks will look (and wear) even more beautifully.

The ratio of sugar to mousturizer in the formula was perfect - not greasy but not dry and scratchy. It's just a delicious formula and it works so well. I recommend licking the sugar off your lips once you're done scrubbing... :) mmmm!

One shadow to rule them all.

This little set. Oh, this little set. I heard about this months ago and have been dying to try this new shadow formula. I've also been wanting to try one of Charlotte's kohl pencils, and here with this gorgeous new eye shadow formula, you receive a mini one. This set doesn't disappoint and is a nice value (at CT's price point, anyway) for the amount of product you receive.

I got The Huntress, which I think is probably the most versatile of the shades available. With this set, you can literally create the fastest, most beautiful smoky eye. I like to apply the shadow with my fingers (over primer or concealer/ powder), and then blow it out a bit with a Goss #19 or 6; line top and bottom with the kohl, smudge that a bit, and off you go. I wear it this way for daytime. And it lasts all day.

One shadow and somehow, the resulting eye look appears complex and mesmerizing. Dammit, Charlotte. You've done it again!

You can modify your application technique to enhance the depth of the shadow, resulting in a more sultry smoky eye. I've done this by using the accompanying kohl pencil as my base (alternatively, one of CT's coordinating cream shadows, used as a base, also works beautifully. Try Huntress with Veruschka... and thank me later :).

Whatever technique you use, the result will be a softly-sparkling, dimensionally complex smoky eye. One shadow will do this. And please note, this is not a glittery eye shadow (zero fall-out); rather, it has that grown-up, super refined (mica-based, I'm guessing) sparkle that basically looks like magic. If you want a million-dollar-looking smoky eye in under 5 minutes, this is your ticket!

OMG. I die.

Like the Magic Cream, this is unfortunately a very spendy product. And also like the Magic Cream, I've unfortunately come to the conclusion that I may not be able to be without this mask once this tube runs out. If you're on the fence about this product, I highly recommend giving it a go.

True to its description, you really must throw out everything you think you know about a clay mask when you use Charlotte's product. Unlike other clay masks, this one does not entirely dry down on the face after application; it also does not make the skin feel tight in that sucked-dry way some clay masks can (I'm looking at you, GlamGlow and Clinique... *cringe*).

Going on, Charlotte's mask has an incredibly fine, lotiony-clay feel to it. It's not heavy and it doesn't pull on the skin as it applies. As for rinsing, I recommend following the package directions -- because the technique suggested there honest-to-goodness works like a charm. After removal, the skin is left visibly softer, firmer (in the right way, not dried out!); any redness you had will be reduced, and skin is left feeling beautifully nourished, calmed, perfectly balanced and hydrated. Somehow, it leaves you looking more soft-focused. Baby skin: that's the best way I can put it.

I like to use it at night, a few times/ week, after washing off my makeup (but before the rest of my crazy regimen). In the morning, my skin still looks stunning and is easier to work with, in terms of makeup application. Best. Mask. Ever.

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