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Best ABH palette

Unique color story. I reach for it often. I didn't think I would use it as often as I do, but it is truly a special eye palette. Maybe it was a breath of fresh air because it was released after loads of neutral eye palettes were on the market. I just wish the mattes had more staying power.

Good for bottom lashes

I bought the salmon color guard so I didn't have trouble seeing my eyelashes. I just wish it had a deeper concave. I only use it for my bottom lashes as I don't have issues with mascara transfer on my upper eyelid.

Bye bye clumps

Recommended by Katie Jane Hughes. She was right, this is a fantastic eyelash comb. Don't waste your money on plastic combs that don't last. This comb has thin metal teeth so it gets the job done. If you have been using plastic combs be gentle the first time. I tried to use it when I was in a hurry and I almost poked my eyes out. I threw out all my plastic combs and bought a back up of this one for my travel bag. Can't live without it.

The best shape for round eyes

Finally found the right size. Other curlers were too narrow or not enough hold. This one is a perfect fit for round eyes and quickly gets the job done.

Great for cream blushes

I love this brush for cream blushes. It didn't work for me as a foundation brush at first. I recently watched Wayne Goss' video 'How to really use a foundation brush' and it was very helpful. I was using this brush wrong all along. His tip for hybrid brushes is basically using thinner layers and building up by using a stippling motion not brushing on. The brush is beautiful, great craftsmanship. I have tiny hands, so the brush is a little bigger than I would like but I enjoy it nonetheless.

Best matte shadows

I'm not a makeup artist, just a makeup aficionado. I have skin sensitivies and prone to allergic reactions. I finally found eyeshadows that don't break me out and that actually peform well. The color payoff is amazing and they blend like a dream! I've had this palette for almost a year. I use it every weekend and haven't hit pan on any shade. Great value. These were a game changer for me. Thank you Viseart!

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