Beauty Product Reviews


I absolutely love jeffree star lipsticks they are my absolute favorite. When he showed his holiday collection on YouTube I absolutely had to have it. I liked jeffree who?, hi, how are ya?, scandal, triggered, and you're still on the property but with all the ones I liked I might as well have gotten the other three. I absolutely love all of them. I would've gotten it off the jeffree star website but I like that I can break it into three payments on here.

New favorite for skincare!

I used the hylauronic acid 2% and B5 serum and I liked it but it had a tendency to start piling when I rub my other face oil on and didnt feel like it really absorbed. This new marine hyaluronics is an absolute gift. Very light and not oily and absorbs into my skin like a dream. I will from now on be using this

Perfect addition to my skincare

Nikkia joy on YouTube recommended to add a hyalouronic acid to your skincare routine because it helps absorb moisture into the skin. So upon first trying it I really liked it, but it's only con is that is makes little tiny balls on my skin when I put on my face oil afterwards. FINALLY after all this time with using it i changed it up by not letting the hyaloranic acid dry down completely and to quickly add my face oil before it dries. Stops the little balls and really helps my skin oil absorb. Forever customer of this stuff.

thee PERFECT pink.

This is honestly the perfect pink lipstick. I love jeffree stars liquid lipsticks and this color was sold out when he had a sale. Love love love this color. It looks a little intimidating at first but it's bound to look good on anyone.