Beauty Product Reviews

Soothing Texture

This has a really nice, soothing texture that sits nicely on the skin, but I haven't used it for after-sun care so much as summertime moisturizing and healing, so I can't speak to it on that account.

Nice Texture, Especially Under Makeup

It's a cream. It sits nicely under makeup. If you're under 30, chances are you don't need to splurge on this like you think you do, speaking from experience. Otherwise, the experience while using this product was consistently nice.

Underwhelming :'(

Like others, I did my due diligence before buying this product, sucked in by glowing reviews and testimonials. It's not a bad product, but I don't feel that it's something I need in my routine - if you're 24 and have oily, sensitive skin prone to redness, this might not do what you're hoping it will. My mom, who's fairly minimal with her skincare, enjoyed masking with this, but she has much drier skin than I.

Decent Chemical Exfoliant

For the price, this serum does what it says it will, without any frills or bells and whistles. If you're looking to test out different ingredients to see how they play with your skin, I think more affordable options like this one are a good bet.

Durable Spoolie

I use this for soap brows and it's held up well to daily use. The bristles are very stiff, as others have mentioned, so if your skin is sensitive or your brows don't need much coaxing, the softer spoolie might be better for you.

Hydrating, Thin texture

I've kept this in my purse ever since I purchased it and I really like how the product thins out upon contact with the skin. As a balm, it functions similarly to Aquaphor or Vaseline, but the texture has a lot more slip. If you have severely chapped lips, this might not be the heavy duty thing you're looking for, but I find that it hydrates my lips really well and has a really pleasant, almost cinnamon-y smell. Would repurchase.

Beautiful shade and luxurious packaging but very shallow pan

If you're anything fairer than a medium skintone, I'd go with Dazzling - swatches of Lustrous looked too warm for the majority of light/fair skins. Dazzling looks really beautiful and blends in naturally with my cool skin tone, and the packaging is absolutely luxurious. Compared to the Laura Mercier cream bronzer (that I had in a palette once) this cream bronzer is slightly less creamy and pigmented, but still looks beautiful.

My only complaint is that the pan of product is extremely shallow, and I ended up hitting pan within a week or two of getting the product, and I don't even use a lot of product per day. Obviously the product amount is listed in the description, but it still surprised me to hit pan so early.