Beauty Product Reviews

love it!

Does not leave a residue. I was given a sample to try. washes off clean and soft. Great product!

stunning collectable

I bought both collectable compacts in this line and I absolutely treasure them. The product inside is superior, but I bought them for the compacts.

Favorite brush ever!

I love this one that I have ever bought. I didn't buy it at beautylish, but I must say it is the most beautiful and softest brush I own. It is worth the price if you are a fine brush lover. My other favorites are the Sonia G brush line. Perfection!!!

Another perfect Brush from Sonia G

I received my Sculpt two fan brush about a week ago and have used it everyday since. It is soft, but dense. It does not spray sculpting contour powder all over my face when I use it. It lays it down and then I can buff it in perfectly. I have a small round face, so sculpting is a necessity for me and this works beautifully. The weight is perfect, the look is gorgeous! I am a dedicated Sonia G enthusiast! I have said it before and I will say it again....BEST BRUSHES ON THE them. Thank you!

Perfect highligher brush!

I just bought and received these three little brushes. I usually just use a blush or contour brush to apply a little highlighter on my nose and cheekbone.....This is so much better. It dusts a perfect amount of highlighter perfect shape...perfect size....who knew I even needed this brush....These brushes are so well made and so beautiful. A bit pricey, but start with one...I bet you will want to collect them all. I am so grateful that she is selling them individually. The handle is beautiful and bristles so soft.

Holy Grail brush!!

Perfection. I ordered three of the individual brushes....this the pencil and the little fan brush. As soon as they arrived last night I ran upstairs and tried them all!! The appearance...exquisite! The thicker handle on this one is what I really liked best. It just feels rich in your hands. The finish a masterpiece. The soft quality of this little baby is well done. No shedding precise application for the eyelid with shimmery shadow. No fall out.....I only bought three...I am eyeing the big fan brush...little pricey....but so well executed. I am in awe.....I wanted the whole set, if it were 299...I would have bought them. I already own every high end brand brush out far these three top them my opinion. I am not a MUA...just a make up and brush enthusiast.

OMG Brush!!

I purchased three of the Sonia G brushes one of them being the Pencil One. I struggled with always trying to get the shadow under the bottom lashes without the scratchy little ones or the ones that fling fall out every where. This little soft pointed beauty is the Perfect design and execution of that concept! Complete control of the precise spot you want it. The beautiful....let me say Gorgeous lacquer finish on these little babies makes me feel like it should have a spot light above it!

Soft and Luminizing

I have used this luminizer for a about 3 years now. I switch between this and Laura Mercier #1. I have fair to light skin so this works well for me. It gives a soft pearl effect with out that white glittery look that some products give. I am not sure that this would be as good on darker skin. I like that Jamie always uses good for your skin ingredients in her products.

really pretty

This looks great on light skin. It is pearly rather than frosty or glittery. It is not over the top, which I prefer. It is very subtle. This is not your daughters highlighter!

It is okay

I love all IT cosmetics, but this mascara was sort of a let down for me. I found it just okay. My tube dried out quick and my lashes were thick and clumpy in less than a month. Maybe I got a bad tube. I didn't try it again to find out. So my impression was thick clumpy lashes.

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