Beauty Product Reviews

I laughed they were so small....

I get it. It is Charlotte Tillbury. I own many of her products and love them. But this was embarrassing for the brand. No way I would charge my customers nearly $40 for SAMPLE SIZES! Disappointed in you, Charlotte. I haven’t even tried the product yet, but even if it is the most amazing formula, don’t waste your money on these. Buy the full size.

Almost as magical as it claims

This is truly a beautiful foundation. Let’s talk the positives. Feels great. Looks natural. Easily buildable without getting cakey. Doesn’t fall into my fine lines. Last, my skin glows and can breathe while wearing this foundation. Magic! Why it didn’t get 5 stars? It isn’t not truly full coverage. I have some acne on my left cheek and I had to put three layers on to cover and still had to use concealer to cover the acne. Now, with that said, with three layers it still looked beautiful and not cakey. But if I have to continue to layer to get the full coverage, I fear I may go through the bottle quickly.

Was hoping for something different...,

I was hoping I wouldn't love this cleanser. I know, I know, why not? It was so expensive that I wanted to give it a go for my YouTube channel, but at the same time was hoping it was something I would not love enough to become a staple in my skincare routing. My hopes were shattered. This cleanser is amazing! Cleansed without stripping. Exfoliated without irritating. And the smell! Oh, the smell! It reminds me of the products my spa used when I went for my facials. Definitely an impressive cleanser and absolutely addicted!

Wow.... after only two uses!

I have used the Sunday Riley good genes for two years. I discontinued use in December with the intention of starting this product in Feb. After only two uses, I noticed a brighter complexion. I also didn't get the slight sting with this as I do Good Genes. Definitely will be permanently replacing my Good Genes!

What is this magic?

I just had so many doubts. How can a dry mask work if there is no serum or cream? This can't be possible. Was ready to try and give all the reasons it didn't work. So I put it on.... this isn't working. What is this doing? Come on, Charlotte, you got me with a gimmick. Then I took it off and my skin was so incredibly soft! I tried it again for the 2nd use during the morning before my makeup and had the BEST makeup day! I am not sure there is really any long term benefits from this mask, honestly, but it softens your skin and really prepares it for the perfect canvas for your makeup. That is how I used it on its third use as well. Will I repurchase? As part of my regular skincare routine? Probably not. But if there is an event that I will be attending, this will be what I use to prep my skin!

My perfect clay mask!

Okay, okay, it's pricey. I get it. BUT, one, you are paying for the brand. Two, you are paying for the best clay mask ever! I have normal to dry skin that can occasionally get an oily t-zone. My skin is temperamental, in that the wrong skincare can flip it on it's end to either extremely dry or extremely oily. I have aging skin, but also acne prone. I need clay masks to really deep clean my pores, but they always over dry my skin and/or irritate it. Not this one! This is the only clay mask I have used -- and I have used a ton -- that cleared my pores yet kept my skin healthy and balanced. This is my new holy grail for deep cleaning my skin! I will pay the price for the benefits!

Perfect foundation for a flawless finish!

When I first did my first impressions, I did not care for it. While it felt light weight on the skin, it looked heavy and accentuated my dry areas. Once I completed my face with powder, etc., it started to look better. Over time, it just melted into my skin for a beautiful finish! It wore well, long lasting, covered everything and really ended up impressing me enough that I have reached for it every day since! I did find it worked best with a moisturizing, illuminating primer. I have normal skin. My review can be found here: