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Beauty Product Reviews


I really wanted to love this but I am not a fan of it. I love the packaging and color but I can feel it on my face and its sticky.


This is my 1st Tom Ford product and I am so happy with it. It picks up so easy and blends like a dream. I am so happy I choose this as my 1st item to try.

Good but..

I am almost done with my 1st bottle and I use this every other night. I love how it feels, smells and the packaging is beautiful but I have not gotten any fading of dark spots. I have one on my cheek and it has not faded one bit. Now this is a dark spots from a blemish that was under the skin and I kind picked at it. So maybe that is why. No I've tried reaching out to Farmacy to ask but have never gotten a response.

Beautiful but...

This palette is beautiful and so is the packaging but it wasn't what I was expecting. After seeing promo pictures I thought it was going to be the perfect everyday palette for me but it was not. It made my eyes look dark and made my dark circles stand out more and I thought the colors were going to be more pigmented and the pop shade more popping and it wasn't. I already send mine back!!

This is AMAZING!! I am so happy I caved and bought this. Everything is so beautiful and blends so well on the skin. If it comes back in stock I may need a back up!! Perfect shades for everyday use or a night out.


So far I am loving this product. I have only been using it for 1 week but so far so good. I do not experience any intense tingling or burning. It's very minimal in my opinion. I use it 3 times a week like suggested on the bottle every 2 days I will increase my usage as time goes. I will update this once I finish the bottle.


Such a gorgeous bronzer!! Blends so nicely and the color is perfect. If your light skin tone this will look amazing on you!! The packaging is just ad beautiful and compact.

Great product

Great product but the shades are not accurate. I got light and should have gotten fair. Thinking about picking up fair and mixing the two!!

Worth the $$$

This balm is so good. Just melts your makeup off and does not leave any type of residue. Highly recommended picking this up!!!

Feels amazing

Love love this product!!! Feels so hydrating and I love that there is no scent to it. Definitely will be staying in my skin care routine.