Beauty Product Reviews

As an MUA and Beauty Advisor, I'm impressed!

Slap me silly; this is fantastic! Great formulas all around. Fantastic for multiple skin tones and even preferences! Mix and match to make your perfect tones! It's great! As an MUA and Beauty Advisor, I'm often looking for multi tasking products that I can use on clients, and recommend! THIS IS ONE! The pans aren't massive, but it doesn't take a ton of product! Having the ability to mix for each skin tone is great! Then you have eyes, brows, and everything else! Very impressive! Great price point in my honest opinion. If this could be expanded on with even more palettes, it would be amazing! Either way, I'm using one on clients and one on myself very frequently! We've got a winner!!

Works like the luxury brands

Being an MUA and Beauty Advisor I've been seen huge fan of HA long before it really hit everyone's attention. I've tried almost every brand and many Indie Brands through the years. This stacks right up with the best of the best when it comes to little seurm! It doesn't take much, and it's affordable! I'm very impressed and highly recommend!