Beauty Product Reviews

  • 1 L
Instant relief

I've used this on stretch Mark's that itch and it instantly relieves the sensation. When I have skin irritants this is my immediate go to.

Calm after the storm

This product immediately calms down my irritation when a break out occurs or is coming. It prevents me from picking or disrupting the skin. Its smells amazing, emulsified easily and applies beautifully to the skin. Its has also help diminish scars. For me its healing in a jar. So thankful for this line.

We'll see

Turned into life changing. My complexion is so wierd. Its darker in summer like mocha and light in winter like latte.....ugh so it's hard to find something that provides coverage and conceal my dark spots from acne, yet looks natural. This is it for me. I love this and the Perfect pencil Crayon Parfait in N Deep as well!

Discovered during recovery from BR surgery

Without the long drawn out story. My skin is sensative period but especially to bandages. With a BReduction you have to wear bandage for a few weeks. I wanted to try this shower cream after using the make-up remover that never striped my sensitive skin. The shower cream has the right amount of moisture, that I dont need to apply more after my shower. My skin is healing better with me using this product then other gels, soaps, etc. aftrer other surgeries that left scars. My skin is never irritated and I believe is due to Bioderma shower cream. I've also lost some weight since the surgery and if anyone has ever had stretch marks that itch, you will not be disappointed with this or the Bioderma Shower Oil. After one use the irritation will be soothed. I can't wait to use both products in the winter, when my skin takes the most beating from the cold air. I'll come back and up date for anyone who suffers from severe dry skin in the winter. I cant say enough about my Beautylish experience, or this brand. Both are certainly worth a TRY.