Beauty Product Reviews

Expect Brylcreem for your eyebrows

Because that's what this boils down to. It is, essentially, a waxy hair pomade with a really nifty toothbrush-shaped applicator.

I find that it doesn't hold at all when I want to comb my brows a specific way, which is why I've docked a star. I can't achieve that fluffy brushed-up look with this product. That said, do still really like it. I feel fancy using it, and I like that my brows *do* feel secure once I give up trying to sculpt them and just brush the product in their natural direction.

My favorite thing about this, though, is that it seems to coat the hairs and lay them flat in a super flattering way. The effect is almost like they've been tinted a shade darker, but it's just that small coating of product that makes them appear a little boosted by something. I find it to be really flattering, and this product plus a tiny bit of brow pencil in a couple of bald spots gives me a very natural yet manicured effect that I'm really pleased with. I'm glad I tried this out, because it basically helped me appreciate the natural shape of my brows. No, they aren't hyper fluffy. But they're cute. They're me. I dig it.