Beauty Product Reviews

Where has this been all my life....

Seriously one of my favorite purchases of the entire year! And I review a LOT of makeup! I’ve always been a fan of the dim light finishing powder and wanted to try all the other powders so this was the perfect way to do it! You can see it in action -

The jury’s still out...

Did a first impressions review on this! Thought I loved it but now I’m having a really hard time making this look good for longer than an hour. I don’t think this one is for dry skin gals.

Beautiful looking but not for wearing!

This is an absolutely gorgeous package and the actual formula feels like a chapstick so that’s amazing! But the application process makes this a no go for me. Here’s the actual video of it so you can see in person.

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Not what I expected but I love it!! Tried it all on in person so you can see! But it’s now my go to blush everyday. Beautiful flush of color and natural across the skin. Just go in with very light fingers!