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  • How to Update your French Mani!

    How to Update your French Mani! 

    White tips are out! Nowadays it’s all about adorning your nail ends with bright prints, detailed designs, and unique shapes. Keep reading to discover how Beauties are modernizing the French manicure.

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  • How To: Blue Sky Manicure

    How To: Blue Sky Manicure

    Hello, sunshine! Celebrate the Spring season with a picture-perfect day on your fingertips. Keep reading for an easy tutorial on how to re-create this cheerful blue sky manicure.

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  • Braid How-To: The Wraparound

    Braid How-To: The Wraparound

    Braid fever isn’t over yet! Meet the latest plait we’re passionate about and learn how to master the wraparound hairstyle.

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  • How To Do A Waterfall Braid/Cascade Braid
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    How To Do A Waterfall Braid/Cascade Braid

    The waterfall braid recently exploded as the new "trend braid" of the season. The waterfall effect looks cool and complex, but it's easier to style than you think. Give this beautiful braid a try when Beautylish takes you through the how-to!

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  • Harry Potter Nail Inspiration
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    Harry Potter Nail Inspiration

    Beauties, the time has come for "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two." The Potter legacy has inspired many a makeup design, and its last installment premieres world-wide this Friday. Not sure how to style your nails magical this week? Keep reading for our Potter-approved design tips.

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  • The Craziest Celebrity Nails
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    The Craziest Celebrity Nails

    Appliqué, diamanté, decals... celebrities have gone crazy with nail art! Adding a personal touch to your tips is a fun and quirky way to change up your style. For inspiration, check out these outrageous celebrity manicures.

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  • Newspaper Nail Tutorial
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    Newspaper Nail Tutorial

    Newspaper and rubbing alcohol can give your tips and toes a typographic edge—who knew? Here's the full how-to.

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  • Spring Nail Tutorials
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    Spring Nail Tutorials

    We came across this gorgeous spring manicure pic and were so inspired to give our fingers a March update that we started searching for spring nail art tutorials. From cute cupcakes and Easter bunny nail art to fabulous florals, here's what we found!

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  • Missoni-Inspired Manicure Tutorial
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    Missoni-Inspired Manicure Tutorial

    Have you heard about the latest Target/Missoni collaboration? We were so excited about the line that we created our very own Missoni-inspired chevron manicure.

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  • Gold, Gold, Gold!

    Gold, Gold, Gold!

    We're seeing gold! From luxe cases to sparkly nail polishes, gold beauty products are everywhere. Here are our Top 3 gold beauty products.

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