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Beauty Product Reviews


When waiting on my Lucky Bag I was actually really hoping for the Peptide Serum because I'm more about preventing aging now and I don't have a problem with eye puffiness. Alas, I got what I got. I have very sensitive, combination skin so as always I researched the ingredients before doing a try out. Several ingredients were irritants so I did a patch test (I HIGHLY RECOMMEND anyone to do that before trying new products whether you are sensitive or not) to make sure I wouldn't have to walk around looking like I have red bulbs for eyes. Luckily no irritation happened so I tried it out for a week every morning patting around my eyes. It DOES work for depuffing the eyes when you wake up...but honestly so do a lot of simple at home remedies. I didn't see any brightening or tightening around the eyes but I was honestly just so happy that it didn't cause me to break out or create milia under my eyes. Packaging gets a A+ but I think they may wanna revamp that formula and prioritize the "good" ingredients.