Beauty Product Reviews


i did NOT expect it to be this big for this price lol holy crap. i love it its soo cute. had to run here after opening to talk about the size/price. i also just got the double zip from his site its not here yet but jeez cant wait to see the size of that one that was 40 bucks lol

Glad i took the chance to try this line.

I am literally a nobody. Just a 7eleven employee and a mom of 2 boys. I saw this advertised on Fb and many were mad they were putting down the ordinary and that wayne goss is paid by beautylish etcetc but i still decided to try it. Ive been using the ordinary for a year and never had many results.. but since ive tried this kit i can see q difference for once which is a miracle for my skin. I still use my ordinary retinol and vitimin c and moisturizer but i have stopped using the other line up i had been using. Im so happy i tried good molecules. Plz come out with a retinol or vitmin c and a cleanser and toner