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These are perfect. Got my husband using them in restaurants, even. Love how the straw is as ice cold as the beverage. Plastic be damned.

  • C5
Just what I needed

My holy grail undereye dark circle concealer is JS peach. I ordered C4 for color as it was my best guess as to a match for me in the absence of C5. It was far too light. C5 does the trick. If you do not load this stuff on like an Intagrammer or YouTuber (I.E., for film) and be sure to blend it out WELL, it will not crease or sit in lines, fine or otherwise. My lines promise.

  • C4
Just perfect

Great texture and coverage! I apply sparingly under eyes and it DOES NOT SIT IN FINE (OR OTHERWISE) LINES. I have C4 and it is pretty light. Would be perfect for me for wintertime. I have ALL the concealers, from Sisley Paris on down. This is absolutely top notch. I have genetically challenging dark undereye circles. The peach corrected + this concealer makes my eyes look 30, not 47.

Srsly. SRSLY....

I have been trying to replace a discontinued HG drugstore undereye dark circles corrector for 10 years now and had all but given up. I have reeeally dark genetic undereye circles and on top of that, huge hollows under my eyes. It takes a village of products and knowledge, folks. The consistency of this product is lovely and the look of the coverage is natural and unbeatable when applied sparingly. I find I do have to moisturize first because I am dry more often than not and it isn't always pretty by itself like some wetter formulas that may not show texture but don't cover darkness. This dries down and DOES NOT sit in my fine lines. Ever. (It also DOES NOT sit in my not-so fine lines.) THAT, my friends, is something worth shouting about! I also have the C4 color but probably really need the C5 (out of luck...) as it is a bit too light. I'm willing to mix with other products to make this work. If you have lines and have a bunch of dark undereye discoloration, run- don't walk - when this peach is in stock. Don't forget your matching concealer color. It's a great combo. (And remember, sometimes less is more.)

Burning red rash after 10 minutes on my sensitive skin

I have sensitive skin and have reacted to one other eye cream in the last year (top brand). I had a similar reaction to this eye cream shortly after the first application. I did notice the smell that other reviewers reported but I figured it was ginsing (?) and although I didn't love it, I wasn't bothered by it. After applying a small amount as directed I continued with my normal routine until I felt an uncomfortable tightness and warming sensation under my right eye. When I glanced at it in the mirror I saw a patch of my upper cheekbone/under eye area had turned deep red and I felt like the area would spread where more of the eye cream was applied. I rinsed both eyes with cool water as I had spent 2 weeks trying to heal what I think are basically mild chemical burns under and around my eyes 8 or so months ago - thick, red, dry skin that isn't much releived by other creams. The reddnes didn't spread or stay past that evening. I won't use it again but it may be fine for you based on other reviewers experiences and your own skin sensitivity.

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Holy Grail - Better than Photoshop

I own ALL the concelear. Dark circles are my thing. Genetically, I'm blessed - if I were a raccoon. So the last 20 years have been all about the concealing. There was one drugstore brand years ago that was slightly similar to this Sisley-Paris shade 1 in color and reflective nature, and it had some of the same matte-but not dry texture qualities - but it was discontinued 15 years ago. I bought every last tube I could find anywhere back then. I've been bumbling around with my dark circles poorly concealed ever since, on this concealer quest. This Sisley formula surpasses my old HG by leaps and bounds, and I am thrilled!!! Gorgeous, smooth lightweight texture. Perfect peach color to counteract blues and greens. Pigment packed. Seems to actively work to not settle into your fine lines - but do help out and don't over-apply. Perfect sized brush included - it works well. I might try my own to blend more quickly in the future. Might. Sisley seems to know their stuff... I do know this tube will last me into the next presidential administration, so knowing that helps to balance the cost out in my head. Price over time evens out with the less-expensive brands because of the laser-focused application. A tiny amount goes a looooong way. I still might buy more of this now, just in case. Hoard it in the refrigerator. I can't afford to go into my 50s with racoon face. 8)

This #20 and #19 make hooded eye makeup application SO FAST and EASY

I'm 46. I grew up in the 80s and 90s looking at those eye shadow trios and quads that came with specific instructions to swipe each color in an area and like magic you would be a model. No one was talking about HOODED and DEEP SET eyes where I lived. The last few years have been a gold mine of info and products. I have spent more time trying to subtly shade my hood than Wayne Goss spent designing these brushes (possibly an exaggeration, but I'm not sure). What I know is that this brush is FANTASTIC for depositing shadow in the visible crease area and above. Silky smooth and no shedding so far. Gorgeous. I use #19, which is slightly longer, to first add a lighter hood shade from in the crease and up. It is also PERFECT. Then I will come in with the #20 and add the slightly darker from the 'visible' crease on up just a bit. Just ordered #17 to blend it out a bit more, but really, you can make it work by coming back in with #19 and gently working it in. Oh, the hours I have wasted with sub-par brushes. Truly. You can have the best makeup and it doesn't mean a d@mn. Now if there was some true magic for winged liner on my eyes. I know the tricks, but they're not for me 😶. Know your limitations, I guess.