Beauty Product Reviews

This ain't it

Idk what he did to change this formula but....this one is a miss. the formulation, texture, and quality is not anything like Blood Sugar, which i absolutely love! the mattes are very chalky and patchy, didn't swatch well and are hard to blend. i bought the palette for the glitters in the middle row but unfortunately these are not good either. they're chunky, patchy and didn't apply well either with a finger or brush. i probably would have kept the palette if the shimmers/glitters were good, but unfortunately this was a return for me.

Better Pics

I couldn't resist posting another review! the picture shown does not capture how pretty the glitter is! the top pic is with flash, the bottom one is in regular fluorescent lighting

Gorgeous bag!

The pics shown do NOT do this bag justice! it's a shiny white material with green and purple glitters and it looks beautiful in just normal bathroom fluorescent lights but absolutely STUN-ING under flash. i attached a pic of the inside. the side pockets can fit 4 liquid frosts. i only have 3 but 2 of them fit in each pocket and i stuck a liquid lip with the single liquid frost. the thirsty palette fits perfectly in it and the blood sugar fits Snugly

thick and heavy cream

it does moisturize very well without making my face feel too greasy. it did feel a bit too heavy for my skin personally. however it wasn't anything skin changing for me (sensitive acne prone combination-dry skin), so it didn't make it into my permanent everyday line up. I only purchased the mini $10 sized one, so I just used it all up. would not repurchase personally. though if you have very dry skin and feel like a thick moisturizer is the one for you, you may want to give the mini size a try, what have you to lose?!

it's a primer

it feels exactly like a silicon primer with the added benefits of sun protection. which is good. it does definitely have that slick silicony feeling. but it does also smooth your skin and blur your pores. it also does make your foundation last on a long time if it's the summer and you're going to be outside in the sun and sweating. I would not recommend this for dry skin tho.


it did not deliver on it's promises. It didn't do anything for my face, and made it feel heavy sticky and greasy. it smells like an old lady. the packaging is super luxe tho. the heavy glass and chrome lid makes you feel fancy. but the boujee product should also be actually doing something for you skin as well, not just be in a fancy jar.

very thin and drying. it was pretty streaky and within 10 minutes it was crumbling off in little balls and i had pretty bad butthole lip.