Beauty Product Reviews

My new favorite!

This was my first Sugarpill product and I am so happy with my purchase! It's such a gorgeous rosy pink on my complexion. I find that the gold glitter can be a bit too much, but only if you intentionally keep smacking your lips together (which I did). Your lips just end up looking gold instead of the rosy color. I did find that you can avoid it by leaving your lips alone, which when you do it looks absolutely gorgeous. The smell wasn't too overwhelming and does go away after you apply it. It smells of orange chocolate which was a bit strange but not unpleasant. I was also pleasantly surprised that later on in the day I had forgotten that I even put lipstick on! The formula is amazing! It feels so comfortable on the lips and isn't drying at all for me. I wore it for about 8 hours and my lips didn't feel dry or cracked. Also, I was expecting to receive trinket in the packaging that's pictured, but instead received the new and improved one. I didn't care either way, I just wanted the actual lipstick, but the white ombré design on the bottle is so cute and the new wand is great. I was a bit skeptical on the diamond-tip wand since I've never used one like it before, but it exceeded my expectations. It glides the product on nice and smooth and its so easy to outline your lips with precision. Definitely a must have!