Beauty Product Reviews

quick and easy

These wipes are so handy when im getting ready for bed in a hurry! I dont have to scrub really hard or anything i just wipe my eyes a few times and my makeup comes straight off. I recomend these for use BEFORE a facewash:)

quick coverage

I like this chapstick because in just one quick swipe it covers yours lips instead of using the traditional tube of chapstick where you have to layer several coats. This chapstick is quite passable for moisturizing and keeps me feeling fresh

This is an amazing product!

Uv been using this mousse for about 7 months now and i am totally in love with it. I shower in the morning and scrunch some of it into my hair and just let it air-dry ( see my profile photo for how that turned out) It keeps springy curls in my hair all day and also a huge perk; it doesnt seem to be effected by the change of the weather/ seasons. Iv used this in the summer and the winter and the look always turned out the same, overall top notch product!