Beauty Product Reviews

Wonderful Lipstick

It has an absolute wonderful pigmentation and is so comfi on the lips not dry at all more shiny than matte. Also the lipstick last really long and does´nt wear off awful. It still looks good when the product wears off. It is really amazing. Would love if they have lighter colours.

Perfect fun colours! You can do a lot of beautiful and wearable looks!

I love the pallette! I own also the lila palette and I think with this palette I now got the perfect combo for my eyeshadows. The pink shades are so beautiful and I have also no problems with the shimmers at all. The palette is really wearable and I enjoy it a lot. The colours remind me of spring and summer and I instantly get a holiday vibe and get in a real good mood. And for me this is what makeup is all about. It must be fun to play with! I also made a video on my channel where I just did a really simple wearable look. If you are interested you can check it out here: